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My childhood friend went to the academy.

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Damn Academy
망할 놈의 아카데미
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New anyaforger rated it
December 2, 2023
Status: c97
It starts interesting, then becomes meh.

A summary is short because it spoilers the good part:

... more>>

Boy loves obsessed childhood friend. She is taken away by her family and meets another guy. He feels powerless and searching for power and gains it. The plot then slowly leads MC to his childhood friend again but never gets there.


The main issue is they have an interesting premise with the childhood friend dynamic and separation but takes forever to reach and expand on it. It contrasts with its quick and brief writing style/translation; which feels like reading quick notes sometimes. <<less
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Jecker rated it
June 23, 2023
Status: c155
This novel is one of my favorite novels. Well, to start with, this is a pure fantasy novel. There will be obsession, yandere, and harem, so if you don't like either of these tags, then this novel is not for you. This novel is also slow, and as of chapter 155, while quite a lot happened, the story is also in its early stage.

Before the proper start of the story, our MC, Damian, was abandoned by his mother, and he became an orphan. He was then taken into an orphanage,... more>> where he met with a heroine, Lisa. They grew up together and became very close. However, quite a lot happens that causes her to essentially 'abandon' the MC. However, it is not real abandonment in the sense of the word, (it is really well done in fact and does not come off as cringy) and while our MC doesn't hate her, he becomes a recluse after it and tends to hide his emotions. In essence, our MC is afraid of his past reoccurring and is traumatized; however, this traumatization doesn't stem from some over-arching tragedy. Hence, he does whatever his teacher, another heroine, tells him to do. However, he is not a pushover and doesn't listen to everyone's commands. As the story progresses, he begins to reveal his emotions more openly and becomes quite bold and steadfast. So our MC gets character development throughout the story.

The story officially begins after Damian obtains an extremely remarkable sword, one that is entirely made up of light. He begins to learn swordsmanship and other things from his teacher, Silverin, and joins Eternia Academy, the best academy in the world. He gets admitted to the best class, the master class. The catch is that MC's childhood friend is also studying in the same academy. He doesn't want to face her, as he is essentially afraid of facing his past; however, slowly but surely, the author is making the MC realize that he cannot always run away from his past. Throughout the story, it is continuously hinted that our MC is special, and the author does a great job of leaving hints scattered across different chapters.

There are many side characters, and considering the nature of Korean novels, most side characters are females, although, there are also a handful of male side characters. All male characters are not brain-dead villains that are only there to put the MC on a pedestal. On the contrary, such characters are few and far between. The large cast of side characters means that not all characters are super-developed. Nevertheless, each significant side character is distinct enough to remember them, even if you stop reading for about a month or so.

Now let's talk about the main heroine, the cover girl, Silverin. Her relationship with the MC starts purely as a teacher-student. However, as the chapters progress, they become closer. Later, she starts to become more affectionate and obsessed with him. This obsession somewhat comes out of nowhere, though, it partly makes sense considering she had a brother, who very likely died when he was around our MC's age Our MC is also reckless, hence, she is also worried about his safety. Their current relationship is ambiguous, not entirely like that of a teacher-student or siblings, yet also not like that of lovers. There is another heroine, an elementalist/spiritualist named Luna. She used to fear men due to trauma (cliche, I know). She gets into trouble, and the MC decides to help her, out of 'obligation'. This part was well done and added to Damian's mysteriousness and specialness. However, the best part about her is that she takes steps by herself to overcome her trauma. Afterward, their relationship progresses naturally, and currently, they can be said to be distant friends. Tbh, I like what the author did with her. I have high hopes that the author will do something similar with the trauma of other characters, mainly Damian.

The heroines themselves are not damsels-in-distress and cookie-cutter templates. They are distinct individuals with their own, unique thought processes and character; individuals who are able to think for themselves. However, I can see that the author might sometimes make them obsessed with the MC for no reason. So far, only Silverin is a bit obsessed without any particular reason. However, there is potential for the author to expand upon Silverin's character, using her deceased brother or other methods.

Lastly, world-building is great. There is no sudden info dump. Information about the world is introduced slowly, and it is done properly. The world also doesn't revolve around the MC. I am extremely satisfied with the character development and world-building in this novel.

I am not blind, this novel has its shortcomings, mainly the constant pov switch in the early chapters. Although, the author starts to reduce this in the later chapters. However, it also has its strengths, particularly its uniqueness. So for me, this would be a solid five-star. I recommend you to read this up to chapter 124 before giving any complete judgment about this novel.

I would also like to clarify the issues stated by OnePunchMan12. As stated above, MC's sword is extremely special. As a result, if others find out about it, they will try to take it through any means necessary, going as far as to kill him, even after knowing that he is an archmage's disciple. Therefore, MC needs to hide his identity only when using that sword. To do so, he wears a mask. The only ones who know that the masked individual and MC are the same are the principal, vice-principal, his teacher's friends, and the judges who were present during his administration exam. Aside from them, only two girls know about MC's alternate identity. No one who is not affiliated with the school knows about the special sword and MC's alternate identity. Although everyone knows that MC is a student of Silverin, they don't know about his special sword. In fact, all master class students have an alternate identity they can use when interacting with normal students and doing regular classes because they are essentially problem children. The MC, however, uses his original identity when doing regular classes and interacting with other students; and uses his mask when using that special sword (the complete opposite). Other master class students do not wear a mask but use other means to hide their identities. The author could have chosen other means for the MC too, however, he went with a mask (maybe to appear cool, I honestly don't know). Of course, students realize that a suspicious masked swordsman is running around, and they get curious about his identity. The reason outsiders don't know about the masked swordsman is that exams occur in closed environments. Even if MC uses his masked persona for the entire duration, the school authorities automatically assign an average score to the MC to make it seem that he normally participated in the exam. They also remove the masked swordsman's score from the leaderboards. That's why very few students know about the existence of the masked swordsman, considering how many students there are. It really is not that confusing if you read it slowly and take time to comprehend, though it can be hard to understand if you are reading mtl. Still, the author could have explained it better.

As for the yandere part, I don't know anything about that. Up to chapter 155, only MC's childhood friend is in love and obsessed with him. Of course, Silverin also shows obsession, but she is not in love with him. Let alone obsession, the other girls who don't even show proper affection towards him. One girl only shows playful affection. However, as I have stated, the author might arbitrarily make the heroines a yandere, which could ruin the story. I hope that doesn't happen. <<less
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OnePunchMan12 rated it
May 16, 2023
Status: c75

This genre is a guilty pleasure of mine, but lately it's become overpopulated by 'I transmigrated into this worthless extra/villain/whatever half original concept anybody comes up with'.

In that sense, this is a more classic story - normal guy from a fantasy world with a somewhat tragic life, forced on a journey because of a special power he gains. While on the journey he grows both physically and mentally.

... more>> Weirdly enough this setting is kinda of a rarity today, so I enjoyed the change of pace.

Spoiler for the first 6-7 chapters


MC's father dies when he's 8, afterwards his mom abandons him to get a better life for herself and he gets taken to an orphanage (later he meets her by chance and she doesn't even recognize him). In the orphanage he meets a fallen noble girl who is supposed to become her uncle's concubine when she comes of age to preserve blood purity in her super duper magic family.

Said girl falls in love with MC, becomes extremely possessive of him and basically forces MC to be in a relationship with her.

She's pretty annoying, but when put into the context of they're both 8 year old's and she's a former noble with a sense of entitlement+MC is too young and lonely to realize how toxic this relationship is, it's believable.

When they are 14 she drags him on a journey to get something that will let them escape from her uncle... MC almost dies protecting her and later wakes up to learn she was forced to go back to her family after the incident. Since he's just a normal person he can't do anything.

2 years go by and she finally returns to the orphanage as a proper noble lady now and a new knight boyfriend. She tells MC her new boyfriend is from an even more super duper family then hers. He saved her from her uncle and she fell in love with him. She realized her and MC are too far apart and could never be together even if they wanted to.

Now she's definitely terrible, but the way all of this is handled is great.

The way they got together, and why the two of them become so codependent on each other is realistic because of they're upbringing. Even the way she ends up breaking the relationship with him isn't done in a b*tchy way, she tells him as kindly as she can that it's for the best for both of them to go their separate ways (Which honestly is the truth).

You don't need to like her (no one would), but you can get where she's coming from and how all this came about.

It's a very realistic breakup situation that doesn't feel cringe for the sake of making MC such a miserable and sympathetic guy.


I really like MCs origin story, it's sad but not overly tragic where it just feels pandering. It works for establishing MC as someone who struggles to trust people. The author didn't feel the need to turn him into a complete emotional cripple as a lot of novels often do. Instead he just becomes a person that is very devoted to his work and tries to establish a better life for himself while struggling to form relationships due to his trauma.

The writing quality is very good and every character has different and realistic motivations for doing the things they do and the beliefs they hold.

I also liked that there is a significant amount of time before MC actually goes to the academy and we get a pretty meaty training arc to set up the stakes.

The main part that detracts from this novel for me is that it is entirely unoriginal+fast harem.

We have:

A magical sword of light, a beautiful master character with a dead younger brother who the MC reminds her of (but she's also just young enough that it's not weird to get with MC), a childhood friend who's indifferent to everybody except MC and uses ice, a pretentious noble girl who falls for MC and starts changing her entire view on life after spending 2 hours with him, a princess that needs saving, this beautiful girl that has a different hair color and needs saving.... You get it.

This novel definitely starts falling off once we get to the academy (like c50~). Just too many love interests start getting introduced. We go from 1 girl to 6 in the span of like 20 chapters.

It's not to the level of they instantly fall in love with him but it definitely feels like it's heading in that direction faster than you would like. Plus it uses your generic bad reasoning logic of 'I saw him doing one nice thing' and now I'm fixated on this guy and his motives for no realistic reason even though I should probably have better things to do with my life.

(Ofc this is also the point we start getting about a million mentions on how handsome MC is)

Finally there's this 'MC needs to hide his identity' plot going on once he enters the academy that becomes just a convoluted mess. He needs to hide his identity so people won't target those close to him but there's several people in the academy that know his identity even before he enrolls so what's the point? As it goes on even more people find out and it's a complete mess to keep track of who does and who doesn't or how in the hell this information hasn't leaked?... Plus, it's known that he's the disciple of the strongest archmage who's shrouded in mystery... While at the same time there's a guy with a mask who runs around being super strong. Logic anybody?....

This is one part of the novel that asks for a huge amount of suspension of disbelief out of you and I have no idea why it's even happening... Other than the author thinking that masked heroes are cool.

*Someone else here tried to say I misunderstood the novel if I thought this part was badly written. To that person I say go read the comments on the chapters and you'll see your probably the only person in the world who thinks this plotline makes sense.

*I read more until c90, the harem element becomes really extreme out of nowhere, dropped it (very promising start but falls off dramatically past c50-60).

P.S - if you're looking for the MTL it's under 'Damn Academy'. <<less
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MorselaGracia rated it
October 17, 2023
Status: c83
The story is an absolute mess and every character is either a reaction streamer to whatever the MC does or is a full on no-reason-hater (primarily if they are a male). Chapters are filled with non-sense drivel of POV from characters that don't even contribute to the MC at all other than hating on him without reason, and if there is then the reason is absolutely flawed as if a newborn baby tried to find something nonsensical to cry about.
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TEJJY rated it
September 25, 2023
Status: c63
Weird as hell MC, would make more sense if he was a yandere instead of whatever this thing is.

I can't tell if the author is going for badass or pushover MC. He's never proactive, always reactive and it's like he isn't even a character at all. Almost every character interaction with the MC is them starting the conversation first then him replying meekly (ofc except for his harem members who isnt his teacher, then he replies in a calm 2cool4u dense protag type of writing).

MC was abandoned by his mother... more>> and his childhood friend-cum-lover so you'd expect him to either be super dependent guy who has abandonment issues or be untrusting of others, MC is the former. Nothing wrong with this but after being abandoned twice you'd think he be a little more proactive and try other things but he has no mind of his own, he's literally just repeating what he was doing with childhood friend prior to being abandoned except this time he's stronger. Granted he became lovers with his childhood friend because of his doormat personality but my point is he still got tossed away despite that, yet for some reason he still acts the same way he did. All that goes in his head is either train 24/7 (this is the realistic part of the MC since he was abandoned because he thought he was weak) or follow instructions. He never once thinks for himself. The only semblance of MC actually doing things of his own accord is when he has his dream future vision.

There's also this part where the author emphasizes how special the MCs sword is when he writes the teacher telling the MC to never reveal his sword in front of people under any circumstances unless his life was endangered because people would do anything to gain their hands on it, including killing. Then he contradicts this by having the MC just casually shows it off to some other student of the academy he was sparring with for his entrance exam or whatever and 3 other examineers. Yes the MC showed off his sword in front of others just to pass a test. This was immediately glossed over and there was 0 repercussions because it just so happens to be that the people there weren't greedy enough to try to take that sword for themselves. <<less
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dkragoon rated it
September 19, 2023
Status: c60
This review has spoilers up to the 60 chapter, not from the translation since these are cut in parts, but the MTL.

Damian, the main character, is an unfortunate boy. His father died when he was eight, and the mother abandoned him and left only a letter that said " I am sorry" (this is unusual, the mother is always the column of support of the MC, Alive or Dead).

... more>>

He gets taken by an orphanage and there met the CHILDHOOD FRIEND who is mentioned in the detailed description. The girl is a noble lady who lost his parents and his uncle wanted to make her a concubine to preserve the blood purity of the mage lineage.

Both of them started getting along a become the support of each other. But the girl developed a toxic relationship with him; She started getting obssessed with him and doesnt let anyone (specially other girls) get near or talk to him, the crazy girl even sprinkle toxic powder in their beds. I like how Damian tried to finish off the relationship because her toxic behavior, this shows, although he is still a kid, knows that is wrong. This kind of development is expected since their early age and upbringing.

Time passes by and her talent as a magician started to blossom. This is bad because her family is paying more attention to her, So she decided to embark in a journey to look for some starfall pieces that will her help to get away from her uncle. The Journey, in which the MC is dragged by her selfish wishes and almost died trying to save her from a monster (he is a normal guy), ended in vain and as punishment she is forced to go back to her family.

Here comes the part that make me dislike her. The girl came back to the orphanage with his handsome and noble fiance, however Damien cannot stand this, so he sneak away to the city and came back at night. She was waiting for him and started the breakup that is really necessary because the two belong to different worlds, she is a noble, he is a commoner, blah blah blah. My problem is how THIS bit*h RUB HIS WEAKNESS AND INCAPACITY IN HIS FACE, She said " My fiance would have protected me from the demon if He Had been in your place" and even asked for damien to see her off when the poor guy was absent the whole day to not see her. TOO SELFISH, take in consideration the boy feelings!!!, and I know this was a way to make distance between the two, however the worst way possible.


Finally the MC became independant, left the orphanage and started the journey of the hero. The result of his past experiences and trauma make him an introverted and reservative who refuses to get deeply involved with anyone, but not bordering in psycopathy, just a guy loyal and focus on his work and get a better life.


By the way, he crossed paths with his mother, however she established a new family with a pot-bellied fatass noble and has two kids, that hits hard.


I have to confessed that I am sucker for this I WAS BETRAYED, SO I WILL BECOME A BETTER PERSON AND MAKE EVERYONE REGRET kind of works. How the MC will recover the lost trust in the people, How He will grow, physically and mentally, what kind of road overgrown with deadly thorns he will overcome and thrive despite it all.

Then, Why am I rating this with 3 stars?Well, This went from I am nobody who has nothing but my tragic past and great willpower to A MUNCHKIN WHO HIDE HIS f*ckING IDENTITY IN THE ACADEMY. this perfectly fit for a korean novel title.

For all of that let me give you a detailed explanation to show you with facts that I am not talking shit. the following is divided in 3 parts:



After a long and hard trip crossing a curse and dangerous land in which the monsters wander around and the pitch black darkness of the night that covers everything; the MC finally found his detiny. He discover a light magic sword embedded in a meteorite, but not only that!! When he was in middle of figthing ghouls, swinging his sword and cutting them like a knife through butter and only few minutes remaining before he collapse from exhaustation, he is saved by a red-haired nice body big sister (the woman from the cover). After a long time of misfortune and suffering, the luck is knocking on his door.

In accord with Silveryne, the red haired beauty name, his light magic sword is powerful but has the downside that absorbed the MC mana and mental strenght, but he is a normal boy with neither talent nor magic lineage. In other words he has limits, has to train his body and use his power and energy in the most efficient way possible, right?..... No.

Damian has an astounding mana regeneration. Apparently, in the past, Damian had a close relationship with someone with great talent in this field, his Childhood friend, so he underwent a magical phenomenon, magic transfer. Thus he has a powerful sword and the mana to back up.

In adittion, he has the power to foresee little fragments of upcoming events, in other words, can see the future. isnt this a little overpowered?

Well, he still has to train since he is lacking in experience on the field and doesnt know how to use a sword, right? No. Meanwhile Damian can slay a group of tens of ghouls ALONE, three knights with years of experience, hard training and flawless coordination can kill only one.

Super fallen from the sky magic light sword, astounding mana regenaration, one of the most powerful teachers in world who can reduce to ashes an army, access to any ingredients to make potions, social connection, money, etc.





For some reason that I dont understand the boy has to hide his identity from his peers. WHY?

In accord with Silveryne there are powerful people who will try to steal the Light sword from him, and will use any mean to achieve their goals. Okay, This make no sense at all.

First: he is your disciple, living in your house and is under your wing. You have to protect him until he can take care of himself. Second: who are they? Nobles? a demon lord? a dark cult?. This is never specify. Third: To protect his family? Friends? Relatives? He doesn't have any of that. The people from the orphanage or his workplace? He never made a close relationship with them. Fourth: There is a bunch who knows that Damien is Silveryne disciple and has a great potential with a f*ckING LIGHT SWORD, AND LAST, WHAT IS THE PURPOSE WHEN HE USE IT FOR EVERYTHING!!!

Ohh, who is this powerful masked man who wield that light sword and is leaving a mark in the hearts of the people, who is this Mystical and misterious entity who is saving the world. BULLSHIT.

a very POOR attempt to create tension. The main character is hiding his face to delay the approaching encounter in the academy with the Childhood friend, thats all. And if you want to know who is candy man, keep reading.




Liza: Childhoodfriend and first love. She is obsessed with Damian. I assume she had her reasons to do what she did but the execution was horrible. Pray for their paths never cross again, but I afraid that the author may give a redemption or justification for her actions.

Silveryne: Has a master-disciple relationship with him. she had never taken a disciple until Damian arrived, strange. I think there is no romantic feeling involved yet and she only see a little resemblance to his brother. Actually, I am rooting for her.

Cecile: Noble lady whom Damian met at the entrance exam. Damian was acting here as CANDY MAN, someone who doesn't speak, just nod with his head, make hands signals and GIVE f*ckING CANDIES. The girl didn't know his identity, never heard his voice or saw his face, but know he is reliable and his candies are tasty. She tried to invite him at her party and even got jealous when another girl got near of him, yeah, GOT Jealous for a complete stranger.

Lilith: Noble lady with high pride. Damian regained her possessions when she was robbed in the street. In the Entrance academy exam they met again. Even though they never crossed a word, exchange their gazes and the MC ignored her most of the time because he was CANDY MAN, but didn't give a candy. She started changing her vision of the world by the influence of a complete stranger and began to obssessed. Complete no sense. The girl even kept a handkerchief stained with his blood as her possession.

Zion: Disciple of the sword saint. Again, they met in the entrance exam and another one who fell for CANDY MAN. She got obsessed when Damian beat her at the examen. Nothing more.

Luna: Spirit user. By far she is not obsessed yet, but, very soon will be saved by the MC since he began a training about the control of spirits and coincidentally she has problems with hers. You know what will happen, don't be surprise is the MC also has great synergy with spirits.


A work that took off well, but fell in the repetitive and mediocrity. 3 out of 5. If I have free time again, maybe try to read it. <<less
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Nneeil rated it
September 8, 2023
Status: --
I've been putting this off for a while due to the good reviews and the genre - which I'm a huge fan of.

The start is fairly okay. It delivers what you expect from this type of novel.

The main problem here, and the reason why I'm making this review, is that the chapters are super mini-sized.

Now I know I'm reading this for free, but Jesus Christ. 600 words for one chapter? It's not even as if the release schedule is super consistent. If we got 7 chapters a week at the... more>> very minimum I wouldn't have complained.

It's really hard to get immersed in the story if all it takes to get the to the bottom of the page is four swipes of my finger.

I was expecting to keep myself entertained for half a day at least, but in a few hours I had almost caught up to the latest chapter, and that's with me taking breaks in between.

Also, another issue is that sword light thingy. It feels like an easy and cheap solution for every single issue Damien can't handle.

I'm not that deep into the story so there might be details I'm missing. Take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. I might be completely wrong.

Still, it feels a little overpowered. And it shows when Damien easily slaughtered a herd of ghouls which a knightly order would have a huge problem dealing with.

Joyce, a talented and no doubt highly trained knight could barely wound one. Damien, who barely has a few training sessions under his belt, killed all of them.

I'm okay with that, but I came into this expecting the MC either to be extremely talented or to put in so much effort he could bridge the gap between the two.

Then again. Let's pause for a bit. We're at the beginning of the story, so I might be a little harsh with my judgment. I blame the translation speed for this. It takes 25 chapters for the original to reach the academy arc, in here it takes 50. We're getting split chapters - would have been nice if the translator labeled the chapters as such. "Chapter 1.2, Chapter 1.3" etc.

At least I'd have waited a few more months before diving into this.

Either way. If you're reading this. I'd suggest you to try it out. Especially if you're into this genre. The story is good and so is the translation.

I'll most likely come back to this when this story has at least 150 chapters translated before updating my review. Hopefully it gets better. <<less
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Akuray D.Carcalho
Akuray D.Carcalho rated it
May 14, 2023
Status: chap6
The construction of the novel is going well so far, showing the mc's past and such. The only relevant information so far is that: ... more>>

MC had a childhood friend who was from a high-ranking noble family where her parents are dead and her uncle wants to f*ck her so that the bloodline is purer (in*est) and over time he falls in love with her.
The protagonist is a commoner orphan who has a talent for blacksmithing and over the years they become close and so on.
An incident occurs and he almost dies because of her. She goes to the academy as said in the title, because she has magic and a lot of talent, and is thus separated for almost 2 years until she takes a vacation and visits MC with an older boy, and tells MC that he is the talented son of a very influential duke, that during the time away from MC at the academy, The two became close and he protected and helped the girl from her uncle, causing her to fall in love with him.
She is honest and tells MC the real thing, without being the typical b*tchy one and shows the difference between realities between them and MC.

(And without being like those novels where the protagonist has a golden finger or a heaven-defying talent, he is a simple blacksmith so far and even if it hurts, he understands the truth. So I'm really enjoying the novel so far, unlike the novels where the MC challenges everyone to get the fmc's love or when the MC suffers ntr, in this one he shows something close to real life without forcing it too much).


My expectations :I sincerely hope the harem won't be giant and MC will be traumatized and turn to shit. I would like him to grow up and become someone famous, in the tags there are weak to strong, so I have expectations that he shows talanteo on the sword or other weapon like that and that he overcomes and leaves everything to the past. <<less
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NovelUtopia rated it
September 25, 2023
Status: c65
The story grabs you from the first chapters. The novel has a solid structure.

The MC's life begins to change because he decides to follow a star. He did not know the difficulties he would encounter in the Land of the Dead, but is able to survive thanks to a light sword he obtained. A Great Mage, who realized his hidden potential, she decided to accept a disciple. Then, the MC begins its growth path to enter Eternia.

The secondary characters are not flat, which enriches the interactions.

... more>> The harem is quite fun.

And the novel has an excellent release rate. <<less
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kamasegundo rated it
September 15, 2023
Status: c57
This novel is in my TOP 5. It is evident that the author has previously pondered over the story of the novel. He has built a very solid world, where each character has their own development

I love the MC, he is not only strong, but he also excels in other fields like alchemy and craftsmanship. Also, the visions he has in his dreams add consistency to the story

I want to thank the translators for this great novel. I appreciate your consistent release rate

I recommend everyone to read Jecker's review
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aura3000 rated it
October 21, 2023
Status: c86
I love this novel. The world-building is fantastic, the MC development is great, and each side character has a distinctive personality.

I recommend it to everyone. Thanks to the translator for the consistent release rate.
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Schwarzkoffa rated it
September 23, 2023
Status: c62
It had potential with the premise, however it turned out to be a boring slog. The main character is simply boring and the main reason to avoid this. He does absolutely nothing from his own motivation. Every action of his was guided by outside force. Additionaly every character that is not a blatant love interest is a supreme a**hole. The author seems to love to spoil the slightest mystery to the reader as soon as possible while keeping the MC in the dark due to reasons. It's a mystery how... more>> anyone can give it more than 3 stars.

Yeah the pacing is also shit. 60 chapters in and he is still not in the academy, simply because the chapters are so short. What a mess. <<less
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