Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort


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Ye Qingli is the daughter of an Imperial Businessman’s first wife, wealthy and overbearing. But because of her mother’s early funeral, she suffered utter oppression and abuse under the hands of her stepmother. On the eve of her marriage, she died tragically in the hands of her stepsister and her own fiance!

He is an overbearing, tyrannical, cold-hearted, demonic king. Grim and ruthless, only restrained by his wife and son!

Once reborn, the weak daughter transfigured into a Divine Genius Healer. There was no intersection between the two people, yet they were bestowed a paper of marriage!

Subdue and kill the Seven Wives?

Very well. This daughter also wants to kill her evil, wicked stepmother and stepsisters! Do you still dare marry me?

However, the Handsome Prince and the Divine Genius Doctor, how do you get them together?

Ye Qingli touched her chin: “So many people, which one do I choose?”

A furious royal highness: “Herald, continue dispatching orders. Whichever male creature dares get within three feet of the royal consort, kill him immediately!

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ludagad rated it
May 14, 2017
Status: c800
I'd honestly give this novel a 3, but seeing how many 1's it has, I decided against it. It's not a stellar novel, but I'm getting sick of seeing the hypocritical hatred towards this type of novels. That aside, the story is both exciting and annoying, and here's why:

... more>>

The romance is the exciting part and it tends to get rather hot. The author is not too shy, let me tell you.

I've only read around 800 chapters in, so my opinion is based on that.


As far as I've read, they don't do the deed, so it's not up to a R18 rating. And the descriptions are somewhat vague, but give you a good idea of what is going on, heh. I'd go with R16.


So, it's worth it if you're reading this for the love story between the leads and you enjoy the push and pull game. Oh, and there's good quality drama too. It sure kept me entertained for a good while.

Now the annoying part. Without giving out spoilers, it's all the misunderstandings that get dragged on and on and on. That is still acceptable though, it can be entertaining on its own. People with more patience than me would be able to get over it.

My main gripe is how often the author changes her (well, I'm 99% certain it's a female author) mind and throws in twists out of thin air just to change the direction of the plot. I wouldn't say it's done to a ridiculous level, I've seen worse. It still annoyed me. To give one example:


The emperor bestows marriage on ML and MC. Out of nowhere later on, some character reveals that ML already had a fiance that disappeared somewhere that he also forgot about. Also later on, the emperor changes his mind and now thinks the MC is not suitable for ML and wants to break the marriage. And so on and so forth. It gets annoying. All the reasons the author comes up with to smooth it over seem too thin. There are plenty other examples to a lesser degree than this. Most often it's characters' reactions, motives and changeable IQ to suit the plot progression.


Also, personal opinion here, I don't like the main leads. The MC is my type in the sense that she's smart and can take care of herself.

But she disregards innocent lives. Same for the ML, though he's a lot worse than her.


He had 7 previous wives that he ordered to be killed on the same night they got married. What did they do, except for threatening his 'purity'. Gosh, I hated him the moment I reached that part in the novel.


It's like only the two of them matter in the world, and the rest can go die a dog's death. You better be their personal friend in this world, because you don't need to be their enemy to die. As long as you find yourself it the wrong place at the wrong time.

Putting aside the typical cold, overbearing, jealous and doting ML, the MC has a strong flavor of Mary Sue. It's like the author couldn't decide what to make her good at. She's a genius doctor, but she's also a killer and an expert in poisons, but she's also a CEO at a company (maybe the assassin's guild?) and also got a doctorate at MIT in Math when she was 17. Make of this as you will, I only find it rather chaotic.


She can also assemble an erhu and play decently well, one of her many talents I assume.


All things combined, it's a 3 star for me. And I'm generous because I like romance and grade those higher when the main couple is loving and the ML is not abusive. Despite the annoying twists, I would've given this a 4 if I found the main characters decent as well. As it is now, I only feel like I'm reading about the crazy love story of two insane murderers. Not to be too negative about it, it has its merit. And it is entertainment. I would recommend this read when you're in the mood for a hot romance, lots of twists and turns, face slapping, ret*rded villains with selective amnesia, misunderstandings that spice things up, and you don't feel like looking into things too deeply. It is somewhat addictive, too.

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Senethari rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: c34
The title is so overdone, I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a parody or a trope-a-palooza joke, but it's a fun read so far. Whether the author is taking the genre seriously or not, it's got enough of the old standbys to make this a great pick for either a Chinese Novel drinking or bingo game.

Super-awesome-dangerous-hot-modern woman? Check!

Dies? Check!

... more>> Reborn into the body of a betrayed ancient legitimate, but somehow disregarded daughter? Check!

Disfigured by people who should have been kind and loyal? Face slashyslashy check!

Ready to start some sh*t on behalf of her host body's unresolved regrets? Double check!

Wait, scratch the drinking game idea. Someone's gonna die of alcohol poisoning. But I'm sure my point is shining through. Originality is probably the only thing a reader isn't going to find in this story, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm a big girl, and I know what I like.

Revenge novels, well-translated? Check! <<less
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moiralyn rated it
August 8, 2017
Status: c69
I think in order to truly enjoy this story you need to think of the author as a troll and having a good laugh while writing this. I'm pretty sure this is a parody and in that case it's really funny. If the author was trying to take themselves and this story seriously - it would be awful. Therefore, I'm enjoying it as a parody quite a bit.

The translator is consistent, the quality is good, everything is easy to understand. I've enjoyed quite a lot of laughs in these first... more>> chapters (69 is current chapter as of this review). I'm planning on following this parody and enjoying the ride.

I would give it a 3.75 if I could. <<less
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Dream Seeker rated it
July 8, 2017
Status: --
His eyes seemed about to be open and he whispered, "Do not go...."

She reacted instantly without thinking. She turned around and ran away, but the man's hands was tightly clutching her, she simply can not break free.

Ye Qingli's heart became anxious, she grabbed the nearest object nearby and slammed it hard on his head.

~ Unexpected and refreshing series
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joellyanne rated it
May 22, 2019
Status: c156
I like this novel a lot as I like the no nonsense attitude of the MC and just get on with facing everything thrown at her including her enemies. But, the most unfortunate thing about this novel is how slow the availability of each translated chapter is. It is almost slower than a 'snail' or even slower than a 'slug' or even slower than that. Seriously, by the way that the speed of updates with this novel and seeing there are more than 7000s plus chapters so far and this... more>> is still ongoing it will be more likely takes meliniums before we reached towards the end of the story. Unless you can read and understand Chinese or happy to read it mtld or read this through google translator then I would not recommend reading this novel at all. This novel will never be popular nor gained a lot of readers if this carry on with the current speed of updates. <<less
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King0Mik rated it
April 15, 2018
Status: c108
I honestly can't tell whether this novel is a joke or just poorly written.

While this novel definitely has everything one may expect in a transmigrated young miss Mary Sue type novel, it seems rather disorganized.

... more>>

For example, in the 80-90s part of the chapters, Madam Guo brings in many elders to discipline the MC, Ye Qingli because the MC supposedly had sexual affairs before marriage. However, the MC played some tricks in the first few chapters so that her younger sister Ye Jinli did not have her Shougangsha, a mark of chastity. Yet, the MC fails to make any mention of this when defending herself or even after she emerges victorious from the conflict. The lack of Ye Jinli's Shougangsha caused a rift between her and her lover, so I would assume it was actually removed. Even if it's not removed, Ye Qingli could potentially make the same arguments against Ye Jinli regarding why her Shougangsha would still be there (i.e. that Ye Jinli was able to get a hold of some mysterious doctor to fake it). The story also made it seem like Ye Jinli not being chaste was bigger gossip (because people actually saw that Ye Jinli did not have her Shougangsha) than Ye Qingli potentially not being chaste.


Additionally, small conflicts between the MC and others in the household that would be a couple chapters in other novels tend to drag on.

I will credit the author on having caused me to feel anger at their villains however.

On a small note, the riddles/"jokes" that the first translator put at the end of chapters felt rather cringey to me... I don't mean to jab at them, but this in particular annoyed me a bit. Though, since I'm getting these translations for free, I suppose I don't really have the right to complain. <<less
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Sugar rated it
June 11, 2017
Status: --
I'll keep this short. The story is nicely translated. Like other good novels, it does give you that exciting feeling whenever the bad guys go down. The opening of the story is okay. It's different from the others, but also have its similarities with other stories. However it have its own twists and sparkles. I really don't think it deserves all of its one star It's too good for that. (However the story doesn't deserve a 5 stars until it's finish, but I'll give a 5 for now to give... more>> some people more encouragement to read this.) <<less
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January 25, 2018
Status: --
You know its funny all the novels I reviewed involve romance in some what which is kinda funny because I hate the romance genre its just that most of the female protagonists novels involve it. Oi east Asia are you trying to say something... anyway on to the story. I'm am a connoisseur of bad titles but this has to be the worst I've ever seen quite the accomplishment good job I'm not even going to try and type it. Quick question are pretty assassin doctors common in china it... more>> seems to be a very common trope and I'm concerned. Being an assassin is not a stable career its also very far fetched why not a survivalist or maybe a military person. I made a complaint about about cartoonisly evil villains before but i'll overlook it this time because its kinda like setting a game during ww2 sometimes mindlessly killing a super evil foe can be fun if your not trying to create an engaging story and just want to be postal. What I do have an issue with is the comically overpowered protagonist without reason and the world tying to be surrealistic assassin training or not the feats she does is just funny to say the least. Also god dammit whats with these Chinese others and their love for traditional Chinese medicine no matter how hard you push it C.M can't cure terminal or highly deadly illness. We are not investing in herbs and needles to cure cancer. <<less
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Junjaykimchi rated it
September 12, 2019
Status: c820
3 stars because reading about their romance was enjoyable. The female MC is smart and capable with a really strange mix of skills maybe instrument-playing doctor assassins with economics degrees were more common back then I don't know. Her actions can be way too extreme for me sometimes like does she ever think about consequences? She's making herself enemies by the day. She mainly relies on violence or acting (pity-party sobbing) to solve her problems and get back at her enemies. She's basically shameless with no limits. Which can be... more>> both hilarious and frustrating at times.


She hits her grandparents. Because they were cruel to her in the past and were mocking her now. But then she expects her Dad to be on her side and is disappointed when he wants to punish her when she just hit his parents?? I understand if she beats them and leaves the house and I'm actually surprised they didn't kick her out after that beating fiasco because it's not as if they'd want to atone for treating her badly in the past.


She's really intelligent, which I like but both MCs are just kind of evil. If they weren't the protagonists I would expect them to be the villains of another series. They have literally no problems killing or hurting innocent people. And one time the MC saves somebody who has absolutely nothing to do with her because of "her duty as a doctor" which just leaves me confused because of the people she's killed without a second thought. Aside from that, it's the classic revenge-romance stories with the various characters trying to make trouble for the MC, MC uses their plots against them etc. Which is fun, but can get repetitive. <<less
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darkclouds rated it
November 17, 2017
Status: c94
Not sure if it’s the translation that is lacking or the original novel. From this translated version, I found it inferior. There is hardly any effort put into the dialogues. There could be beauty in simplicity but I don’t see it here.

The story is nothing new, the usual transmigrated girl with superpowers that surpass all with hardly any hiccups; Saves the ML who instantly becomes obsessed with her. I skimmed through the chapters and profanities. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind the repetitive tropes if it was better written. Dropping it.
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Maria Jasmine
Maria Jasmine rated it
October 3, 2018
Status: c37
I'm giving 3 star as I don't dare to give below that. At early chapter, I thought, 'Okay fine. Let's read first. Maybe the story will become better'. However, as I read it further, I doesn't feel the exciting feel that I always feel when I read. Its like a bit disappointed.

The story is in quick pace as the revenge towards her family is early. (Its just about chapter 3 or 4, but she already begin attack her sister and fiancee.

... more>>Usually when I read novel with this same genre, the revenge and the strengh of FL is hide first and then slowly begin her revenge. But as for this, she already begin her revenge and her family just accept her knew identity and begin aware of her strengh and not question it. And what I don't understand, where is it her weapon come from. Is she have space too?So confusing.

And as far I read, she's not like a black-belly FL I usually read. Its more like pa!pa!pa! (Slap sound). More that.. But I will try read it more as I really hope the story will become better <<less
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