Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!


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She is a descendant of an Ancient Chinese Aristocratic family. Having just transmigrated into a young lady’s body filled with aphrodisiacs, she had no choice but to pounce at a random man upon arrival.

Unexpectedly, not only did she get caught red handed, she’s also pregnant with child before marriage.

In the end, the baby she carried for ten months turned out to be a little fox, and it could cry “Mama” once born? Fortunately for her, the child is well-behaved, kind, and caringly protective of his mother.

In this world filled with both evil and good, this pair of mother and son will work together to destroy all their adversaries. As for the scumbag relatives who scorned them, they will make them pay dearly with regret in mind.

But then one day, baby fox’s father suddenly showed up, not only to steal the child, but to steal her too? How can there be such a good thing? This foolish father of his, didn’t even ask for little fox’s opinion?

Stabbing his hands to his hip, a certain little fox demands: “You want to be my father? First pay up then go behind the line. Mother, I think next door’s Uncle Wang is quite rich, you can just become Uncle Wang’s daughter-in-law.”

Associated Names
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Bạo Manh Hồ Bảo: Thần Y Mẫu Thân Muốn Nghịch Thiên
World Dominating Empress Physician
Y Hậu Khuynh Thiên
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Nic rated it
March 21, 2018
Status: c90
I read for pleasure.

I don't care whether the plot is common or the antagonists are not hateful enough. And most of all, I don't get affected by other readers' review because reviews are biased. Reviews are personal feelings of readers towards the story they've read.

When I rate a novel, there is only one question that I need to answer: Did I enjoy reading it?

If the answer is yes that means that my emotions were touched while reading the novel. I may have laughed or cried, get angered by any... more>> of the characters, or simply smiled because of one or two side characters.

... and I absolutely enjoy reading Adorabe Treasured Fox!

What I am looking forward to is the time when the whole family goes to the demon realm, if it will ever happen. If not, just the sole reason that I liked every bit of it up to this point, I will still give 5 stars! ;) <<less
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bekyuubi rated it
February 8, 2018
Status: c500
This is unfortunately very boring for me.

Most of the chapters are set up so that the MC gets to humiliate the villains repeatedly in a ridiculous fashion by dragging so long. The villains are just plain s*upid and incredibly flat, and seeing the MC humiliate different variations after >5 repeats across 500 chapters bored me to tears.

I'm not even sure what's the use of setting up the fox kid when he's so unlikeable. If you find a brat annoying, how about a brat who lies all the time and plot... more>> against the villains in the same way how the villains try to plot against the MC?

There's no character development, the plot is awful, and the s*xual tension is cringe all over, male lead is a yandere who kills whenever it involves MC. He's supposed to be that asian fox spirit known for seduction and not some crazy ass psycho that's just as unlikeable as his son. Even the MC is unlikeable. I stopped at c500.

2 stars. I give it a failing grade because of the fox kid. <<less
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Aurinne rated it
May 13, 2018
Status: c207
It's very readable, and that's it's main strength.

If you love the black-bellied girl reincarnated in ancient China face-slapping and getting serious revenge everywhere genre of story... you will find this an enjoyably readable although mediocre version of this.


    • The lacklustre revenge. At 207 chapters, the MC still hasn't finished off her family and step-family, even though she clearly has the ability and power to do so. Most of the satisfying face-slapping actually comes from her son or the ML, and not the MC at all. Public confrontations also feel messy and not very effective.
    • The s*upid antagonists. They're suitably hateful, but they are also just s*upid. They keep getting slapped and yet they just keep coming up with new weak plots against the MC that mainly weaken and undermine themselves. I don't understand how they managed to get into such a position of influence prior to this when their brains and their composure is so weak.
    • The appropriate manners/behaviour. I don't know what era/dynasty the story is supposed to represent, nor do I know all of the ins and outs of ancient Chinese culture, but from reading a variety of these ancient China stories, coupled with common sense, it basically feels like there's a lot of modern or unrestrained or liberal behaviour inconsistent with the way the overall society is represented. For instance, if the MC is supposed to have fallen pregnant while unmarried, and this is represented as a ruinously shameful thing, it's hard to see that even sympathetic and loving characters could show her off proudly and still have face. Or, when the slightest wrong word or action could get you beaten or executed by those higher than you (e.g. royalty), I don't understand why characters have no self-control and just blurt out all of their business or grievances in public without restraint.
    • MC's suddenly awesome: Although there's some basis for her developing her personal awesomeness (due to her abilities/skills in her past life), there's a time-skip and we miss seeing her build up not just her personal strength, but her allies and power/influence. She just somehow managed to get amazing people to support or follow her in only a few years.
    • Morals/likability: If you look at it objectively, the only reason to be on the side of MC and her allies is that she was wronged first, and the antagonists are sooo despicable. It's not as if the characters of the MC or those on her side are really good. They're still quite brutal, selfish, overbearing, bloodthirsty... and don't really seem to care if the fallout of their actions might also harm innocent or relatively innocent people. I know to expect a certain amount of that when reading this type of story, but I still want to feel that their basic intentions are decent, or I feel uncomfortable.

    • It's just really easy to read. Despite being irked by all of the weaknesses, I happily binge-read from chapter 1 to chapter 207.
    • The characters are quite lively, especially the son, and some of the side characters (such as the brother) are easy to like. Not all the characters are great, nor are they all well-fleshed out, but there's enough life in all of them to at least superficially carry the story along.
    • There's finally a hint of moving the story beyond this family-revenge arc and into the wider world. There are bigger factions, sects and the ML's demon realm to come. It has the potential to get more interesting. Hopefully.
In summary, it's readability is high, and I was in the mood for a mindless, easy-to-digest story like this (although I still would've preferred it if it was better). I'm not sick of it YET (I'm uncertain how long it will be able to hold my attention in the future).

If you like Black Bellied Miss and Enchantress Among Alchemists and are just desperate for more in that style, then this might be for you, if you don't mind it not being as good as those two.

If you want something more intelligent, then read To Be A Virtuous Wife, or if you want something lighter that focuses more on the MC making her way in the new world of her reincarnated body, with only mild face-slapping, then read Reincarnator Meets Transmigrator, or Doomed to be Cannon Fodder.
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dramamonster rated it
August 31, 2018
Status: c323
2.5 stars. A girl from ancient times transmigrates into an aristocratic girl's body.

Her sisters have plotted against her, resulting in her pregnancy from a one-night stand. She leaves and gives birth to a fox. 5 years later, the Female Lead returns to get her revenge against her family. Along the way, she has developed major over the top supernatural powers, has a mysterious and powerful background, and become super beautiful. The father of her child shows up and he's also super handsome, from a mysterious and powerful background, and he wants her and his son back, except that he's usually out of the storyline.


Pros: It's easy to read, the plot is interesting, and there are some interesting characters, such as the Male Lead, his sister, and the Holy Land Princess. After 300 chapters, the story is starting to expand to other countries and other cults/sects, so the world building is starting. The translation is good.

Cons: After disappearing for 5 years, the Female Lead (who is a transmigrated female but little is mentioned about that fact afterwards) has super-medical diagnostic, super-cultivation, super-martial arts, super-etc. Powers. Other than the Male Lead, she seems to be the strongest, scariest person on the continent.

The villains are powerful, psychotic, entitled and s*upid noble women running around yelling and lying non-stop. For some reason, after 323 chapters, all the villains are still alive. After the first few hundred chapters, the plot is recycled and the same villains lie and make trouble over and over gain, get punished lightly, and continue. At 323 chapters, the story moves to a neighbouring country and the same story arc repeats. (I wish it were like Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage, where the villains get killed off permanently.)

Between the Female Lead and allll the villianesses, they are very one-dimensional. The Male Lead is interesting, but he's usually absent. The Second Male Lead makes a brief appearance in the beginning then disappears. After 323 chapters, I can't sustain interest in any of the characters, the son is unrealistic, and the plot is getting annoying.

The Female Lead has a 5-year-old son, the "adorable fox". He's small, supposedly cute and loves his mom like a 5 year old, but he's cunning, smart and ruthless like a Crown Prince, and independent and adventurous like a teenager. In other words, he's a perfectly unrealistic storybook child - pretty but requires no childcare, supervision or education like a real child. At one point, a group of men even want to submit to him and the Female Lead leaves the decision in the hands of her 5-year-old.

One trope I don't like is having a villainess punished with forced prostitution/gang-r*pe/sex-trafficking, etc. The Female Lead is

the head of the Flower Brothel. On this note alone, I don't see the point of it. Other problems with the whole Flower Brothel concept: On the one hand, brothels are full of low paid s*x workers who are looked down upon, but on the other hand, we are told repeatedly that the Flower Brothel is on the same level as the Royal Families of the land. Also, on the one hand, the author reassures the reader that only willing women work at the Flower Brothel and even sign a paper agreeing to it, but on the other hand, several villianesses are dragged off there to be forcibly prostituted out as punishment. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.


I've read up to chapter 323, and the chinese raws are at chapters 2094 and ongoing, which is not an encouraging sign. I'm going to stop reading here.
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Flying Jade
Flying Jade rated it
July 25, 2019
Status: c600
This novel want beyond bad, at a point I was reading to see how far the writer would go and how much I could tolerate.

Anyway, the MC's cheats are so overpowered, there's no room for any other female who is not her supporting character to survive. The book bends back all the laws of the places she goes to support her.

A novel is only as good as its antagonist, or so I heard. This one has low IQ antagonists, even when it is obvious they are walking to a bad... more>> end, the writer declares their s*upidity and pushes them to it.

All the females not on her side have fried brains and they are all eyeing her man (men?)

I have never read a Chinese or Japanese webnovel that had a MC with a sensible mother-child relationship. The children are always overly smart to excuse the mother's non-existent/terrible child-rearing. On the other hand, the child blackmails, commits arson, etc and the mother somehow thinks the best way to show maternal love is over cuddling the child. I've never seen a MC mother properly advise or discipline. This novel has... all the worst qualities.

This novel's plot is cliche and has overused angst.

Every time the MC and ML argue, she resorts to threatening him she would run away with his son. She doesn't even try to iron out the father-son bumpy relationship at the beginning for her own selfish interest. Now, that sounds like a RL maniac woman.


When the MC and ML first meet, she denys that she was the one who r*ped him and took his v**ginity years earlier (still not sure how she managed to push down the powerful ml). In the early chapters, when her son was looking for his father, she told her son that his father would separate them, manipulating the child's emotions. She even hid the child under the bed when the ML visited and kissed him to distract him from the scent (which parent seduces a man with her child under the bed?). She drags her family hatred into her son's life and her son goes it to hurt people with the writer selling it as meng


The romance was full of cliche dialogue. The faceslapping was everywhere. There were no sensible people except for her allies in the whole book. <<less
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remy911 rated it
December 11, 2017
Status: c5
Cliched transmigrated into "waste" noblewoman who's mother died leaving her to be bullied by her step-mother and half sister. And her engagement with some prince guy is broken and her family is trying to marry her off as a concubine to some undesirable dude.

Literally nothing about the first 5 chapters is unique other than maybe the pregnant thing.

The author has to step up their game if they want me to stick around beyond 10 chapters.
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TigerCub rated it
November 1, 2017
Status: c4
currently, the translations are only getting started, but the plot is really interesting and I'm looking forward to more chapters! :D

... more>>

like always though, there's always the family against the eldest miss... but at least she has a kind and loving younger brother (I think he's younger) but it's nice to actually have a family member on her side! plus it's also a boy (we need less girls...)

plus, ugh... her half-sisters and the rest of that side... so annoying!! so frustratingly annoying!! they're in the same category as those you'd want to slap through your laptop screen. seriously.


all in all though, this is a really promising story if you like the MC to have close interactions with children, or more so, her child (hey, maybe I got into this because of novels like Hidden Marriage?) <<less
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Kala rated it
February 15, 2018
Status: c25
This novel is really different :) It's hard to find one that doesn't repeat same old patterns... Sadly...
But here we have quite a few things that are distinguishing this novel from the sea of rewarmed pastas ;) (doesn't mater how much you love pasta, if someone serves you rewarmed pasta over and over again you won't be able to eat anymore...).
... more>>

The concept of her getting pregnant with random guy after being set up to get rid of aphrodisiac effects was hilarious, new and cute ;P
The fact that this poor guy was r*ped when half unconscious and lost his chastity to her and now looks high and low to find this impudent woman - so fresh! Yes! Why cannot it be that the guy is at disadvantage?? Who said so ?? No-one!! Very good idea!! Love it!
And this cutie pie little baby-fox son of her <3 Gosh... I hope I'll give a birth to adorable and smart boy like this... I just can't get enough of him !!!

I like how the author doesn't provide us with all the knowledge right away.

We know some facts about her Masters and we find a little bit about the Father but still this are just a little sheds of informations and this godfather we have no idea who this guy is and what will be his role.

This exactly makes me more and more hungry and I look forward to finding out truths under the truths.
I have a huge expectations in terms of plot and I hope I won't be disappointed. I'm really scared that this tasty novel will after some time go to the old well known tracks of all the other novels and will be repetitive... I pray it won't because this is a really new concept! I want it to be fresh and new for a long, long time and many, many chapters :P.

In terms of vocabulary and style... Hmmmm... Here I cannot say It's as good as Genius Doctor, Chu Wang Fei and a few more extremely well written and executed novels but it is not bad! It's quite okay. Don't expect to be amazed but it's not gone make you tired. But still it's only 25 ch. maybe it'll get better ;) who know... maybe I'll be surprised again :D <<less
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BlackCarrot rated it
February 20, 2021
Status: c357
I made an account just to post this review.

I began reading, found it absurd, had nothing to do and decided to pick it back up and boy... do I feel dumb now! I knew there was a reason I stopped reading.

So she is schemed against:

... more>>

Basically, one of her sisters gave her an aphrodisiac right when she transmigrated and she f*d the male lead (reverse r*pe). Her family (sister, stepmother, stepgrandmother and not so sure, her father) want to sell her to some family as a concubine. On the way there, she escapes.


She grows super duper OP, never suffering a single defeat except with ML. Oh and when she gave birth, all the animals prostrated towards her c*otch because her baby was to be the next king or some crap like that.

The villains, omfg, so f*cking dumb!


One of her sisters steal her engagement with their kingdoms crown prince. The ML who wants t get MC tells everyone that that he was the man MC slept with and he forced himself onto her. Despite this blatantly blunt announcement, that sister Bai Zhi, goes on proclaiming herself as ML's fiancee. ML sent her to jail for heaven's sake but this bit*h came out and did the same damn thing. Her other sister is also the crown princess who spreads a rumor that her son is supposed to be the next king because the animals bowed in the direction of their kingdom while she gave birth. When MC returns, MC's kid bullies her kid and some whole other crap happens.


Oh and the baby, let's not forget that demonic brat (literally)


He is cute at times, I will admit, but he's so f*cking uggghhh! He literally sets a place on fire, twice! And because his parents condone this, he believes it's OK which is so wrong! He is a five year old yet he schemes like some sort of... schemer! It's so annoying.


And the ML, oh the ML:


So he wants to find the woman who r*ped him, cool. But the second he meets her, he starts predating and up till now, almost everything he does os to get into MC's pants. He manipulates his kid to manipulate his own mother to follow him to the demon realm where he is king, rather to be sweet and king genuinely to MC so she would like to come on her own accord but no! There was even a part where he said something about using their son to get to MC, directly too. He also has this thing about cutting MC's limbs and wonders why MC doesn't love him. HE says several times that he'll make MC his woman but when MC asks if he loves her, he doesn't say anything. He forcefully kisses and touches MC almost every time they meet and it's so yuck! He is a manipulative, practically predator, disgusting ML like a majority of novels in this trope.


And then, the MC herself: There are a few problems I would like to address first:


Firstly, she just grow OP out of nowhere. Like I know she transmigrated from a powerful martial family in modern times but that doesn't explain where her alchemy skills came from. She then leaves for 5 years to the Holy Land where she has 3 masters sho all pale in comparison to her alchemy skills. Eyeroll. Musta done this like 10 or so times. The author doesn't explain her OPness or how she used 5 years to climb the ranks to a level where she is the second person to have that rank in their country which makes this very hard to swallow.



Secondly, her love life. So ML comes a-knockin' to look for his son which MC had no right whatsoever to keep from him. Secondly, this man is always harassing her, if not in private in public and vice versa which makes this sick. The guy never listens to her and she, rather than standing her ground like the kind of woman she herself and the author and her friends portray her to be, submits. At a point, he literally tells her, to her face, that she will have to bear 10 sons of his and 10 daughters and she just thinks and doesn't respond. Lik, what happened to the dominance? The arrogance? Nope, vanished like the way their son did when he heard and left them to copulate his younger sibling. Meanwhile, the Holy Land she's from, there is who I consider the second ML, who is and most probably will be the best. He has a cold detached demeanor but willingly gave all he had (don't know what exactly this was) to the MC. Even MC acknowledged this but she would rather accept the man who tries to f*ck than this man who helped her raise her son, stayed by her side and gave his all, dumb c*unt. When he asks some chapters ahead, she says she can't accept his feelings... like... you're joking right? You would rather be paired up with this r*pey, overbearing c*ck of an as* than with Chu Feng Something? In the beginning, I was just wailing in my head about how dumb this b*tch is but then realized that she doesn't deserve him at all, he's way too good to be with a dumbass.



Thirdly, her cultivation. Maybe I somehow skipped this chapter but the author doesn't describe how the cultivation system is. It's probably not important considering we never, ever see MC cultivate to this point. She is stronger than all her enemies yet the only people she has actually killed are the most irrelevant villains. She literally cripples her father but doesn't kill him there and then or later since they were in the public eye. They literally are the gum on a shoe or the nuclear-resistant c*ckroach, never leaving. Of course they won't when MC doesn't use that intelligence and wit she's so well known for to kill them.



Fourthly, her identities. I kid you not when I say that so many issues could have been solved if MC just said her alter egos. Like when her father was ridiculing her to her face for being the leading prostit**es to a brothel that she owns. If she had said this, her family would have just noped out of there considering that the sl*ts there somehow raised the organisation to a level equal to the royal family despite being an intelligence office or sum'n. And now he's still alive, kicking and plotting against her because, you know c*ckroaches: they never learn their lesson. Another identity of hers is some super duper nirvana type disciple of her Holy Land which she is the only type. Like literally, the owner of that place accepted only her just to keep the peace. She finds out that her ex-fiancee the Crown Prince is applying to be a disciple, she doesn't make any move to stop him at all. Like to just let him enter when she could prevent this trouble and just command one of her grandshifus to come get him. Her brother is also going there and rather than saying a few words so he could get in, nope, let him fight the deranged CP. Oh right, from the very start, her identity, which is even higher than that of the Holy Maiden, was never disclosed she literally could have skipped all this and a good 300+ chapters if she had just said this from the start.


All in all, if you're bored and you've done your chores, watched and re-watched all your favourite shows and re-read all your favourite novels, take a shit, walk outside, visit a cousin and still feel bored take a dive. Wasted lots of my time on it anyway. But I am bored and will thus continue to read. *sigh* <<less
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chibiheaven rated it
March 7, 2018
Status: c453
Decent read. You get everything you expect, and the romance is sub-par at best. The male lead very uncharacteristically instantly fell in love with the MC -- and intensively doted on her, which made the relationship feel cheap. Personally did not feel like a novel relationship and was generally very cookie cutter in terms of how most transmigration stories go. Perhaps you could say I'm simply jaded, and this novel was at the backlog of too many similar stories before it. I do, however, have a significant soft spot for... more>> children in these stories so that was a plus!

Very Mary Sue, as expected. There wasn't anything too exciting. I rate 3 since I did end up reading substantially into the story. <<less
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Aska.has.ORD... rated it
November 14, 2017
Status: v1c5
I luuuuuuurve this novel! Even though it's a new one- it's already a page turner! I need moooore...

Love how strong the female heroine stands up for herself when being confronted by her evil delusional "family" members...
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 9, 2019
Status: --
That child is horrid. His education is even more horrid.

Imagine bringing a child to a brothel hearing all that sfx on the background. Teaching the kid to kill as retaliation etc... Yes, he is a smart little bun, strong, but the level of shamelessness and attitude does not lose out to the villain themselves. The supposed to be cute moments are drowned out by the fact that he thinks like any other black-hearted person out there.

Villains argue and think more like five-year-olds in the playground with the same mindset of... more>> "this is mine, this supposed to be mine, all the best is mine"

The conflicts are easily solved in a predictable way since fortune always favors MC no need to aggravate yourself over it.

(Don't mind me, I was just heartbroken because I hoped to see another cute baby like the twins in The Return of Noble Abandoned Consort...) <<less
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Zaeuzen rated it
October 27, 2018
Status: c300
I picked up this story and binge read 300 chapters, so you can trust me when I say this novel is mediocre.

I started this story hoping for a witty and cunning Main Character with plenty of face slaps to go around. What I got was a Main Character that has done almost nothing, to the point where we don't even know how strong she is. She is a "Divine Doctor" but has only healed maybe 3 people, and the extent of that treatment is giving them a pill and being... more>> done with it. Her martial arts is even more a mystery. The extent of her fights have been one hit KO's so we don't even know how strong she is. Not that we would understand even understand even if they told us what level of strength she has because the novel does not explain the power level ranking.

Her son feels like he would be the antagonist in any other novel. He is spoiled and manipulative. A majority of the story revolves around him beating up people he doesn't like, but his mother and father encourage his awful behavior. Most of the face slaps is the son finding the person and having them beat up.

The Main Love will sexually harass the Main Character with every sentence he says. He does not sexually harass in a "Oh that is sweet. He is caring" kind of way, he does it in a "I am going to mount you tonight" kind of way. It is disturbing and makes me feel a bit sick. And yes I know that some Main Loves can be a bit aggressive but he just wants to r*pe her. He is just a s*x driven yandere with anger management issues.

All in all this novel is not worth picking up. The main character doesn't do anything, face slaps is the son beating people up, and the love is forced. I give it 2 stars because it is easy and fast to read so I didn't waste that much time. There are so many novels with a similar premise that are done much better. Don't waste your time and read one of those. <<less
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SleepyFox rated it
August 20, 2018
Status: c347
I guess it starts of fun, but quickly becomes the same thing over and over:

  • 5 chapters of setup
  • 5 chapters of arrogant young master
  • 5 chapters of tr*sh talk
  • 5 chapters of dragging it out
  • 5 chapters of face slapping
  • 5 chapters of her kid and the ML being annoying
  • 5 chapters of resolution
  • Then repeat. 5 times with the same antagonists
That's basically how the novel goes. Her kid is really annoying, I hate when an author writes children with abilities far above their age. Like, (iirc) he's 3? I'm pretty sure that's what I remember... more>> reading, but from memory I can't picture anything less than ~7 (physically) and ~11-13 (mentally). Does that make sense? I mean, I picture the kid with a 7-year-old body and the personality/maturity of a young teen.

But I'm pretty sure he's 3.

ML is annoying too, classic overbearing ML. But there are no sweet moments, it's just a back-and-forth "Your mine." and "No I'm not." between the ML and FL.

The antagonists are the most 1-dimensional characters I've ever come across in a novel. Ever. Also the most s*upid. They're the type to run head-first into a wall, then do it again because they don't understand what a wall is.

The only thing that is slightly enjoyable are the side characters. Although they don't have any real depth, their interactions are entertaining - but that's about it.

I understand people might enjoy this novel; I did too, for a time. But the quality of writing is horrible and deserves no more than: 3 stars up to ~c150, 2 stars up to ~c300, and 1 star from there on.

It is so, so, so overrated. <<less
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Slepnir rated it
June 3, 2019
Status: c362
This is tr*sh tier revenge novel. The MC never decisively finishes the villain and always gives them a way out to give face to someone irrelevant. Because of this I can honestly say that there is only one arc and a bunch of of side stories.

Also she is "threatened" by powers that she has connections with. ML is a horndog (fox). Also all the females friends are femme fetales while the female villains are mentally deficient people with psychosis and they lose all brain cells when confronting the MC.

Gotta give... more>> props to the main villain though. Bai zhi is a great villain and if she was handled well she might've been a good villain. Only problem is that she becomes muddle-headed when facing the MC.

The love story is shallow and has no depth other than the fact that she doesn't like cucks and like bad boys (even when she hates r*pe). She's turned on by the ML by his r*pey advances.

Her cultivation level is a mystery. Weaker than the ML but stronger than the henchmens.

If she was decisive about killing them as she was telling her son then a lit of people wouldn't and shouldn't have to die. <<less
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February 17, 2019
Status: c444
It's the kind of story that you keep reading despite knowing what's going to happen. And that's fine. But there comes a point with stories like this where they get tiring. I have all my usual qualms about this:

  • The antagonists are shameless to the point of s*upidity. They never learn. They get knocked down, suffer and then manage to twist the world with their words and make another ridiculous plan that leads to even worse consequences. Rinse and repeat.
  • The main character is powerful but we never see her doing anything. It's always her son or the male lead who get to carry out the revenge. The MC is strong enough to deal with this stuff, so why isn't the author letting her? There are reasons given as to why the MC let some of the villains linger on instead of dispatching them early.
  • Falling in love at first sight. The male lead treats the MC different from the get go and falls in love at first sight. He repeatedly says he will wait for the MC and them proceeds to do the exact opposite. Even when the MC's feelings start to change, he never gets verbal confirmation of this before proceeding.
  • r*pe. The female lead r*pes the male lead due to being drugged. The male lead explicitly calls her out on this but she never apologises and the whole thing is glossed over. I would have much preferred it if it was consensual and treated by both parties as a one-night-stand. I'm sure the author could have pulled off this type of story line instead of the "rape-but-not-really-because-I-have-fallen-in-love-with-you" "trope".
Objectively this story is not great, probably not even good. Did it keep me hooked while reading it? Yes. Did I enjoy it (aside from aforementioned issues) ? Yes, but the last couple of chapters were a slog.
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MangoGuy rated it
March 14, 2018
Status: c74
Do I want to continue reading this? Yup. But I only gave it 2!!

First off, this is regulation asf.

Nothing new other than her getting knocked up.

... more>> Antagonists are null dimensional, female MC herself is a bit interesting but her interactions with other characters means that she turns herself into just another null dimensional female MC.

Male MC is male MC. The kid tries to act cute and all, but it will only work on someone who is reading this kind of stuff for the first time

This type of novels usually have only one saving grace: the bit*h slaps and face slaps. For this one, not. The building up is literally bad. Due to the null dimensionality, even if there is a good face slapping, you don't give a damn.

In the end, it is not really good writing, even for this genre.

But why do I read this? Short chapters... oh, it is ongoing and 1.4k+ chapters? Guilty pleasure... and the rare moment of humour where I smile.

At c74, this review might seem hasty. But the author isn't helping me.

This is not Mango approved

Edit: After c212

The antagonists are still null dimensional, but the thing is... even the characters are! Like, hint them one thing and then they just go after the MC! I am thoroughly surprised with the high rating, inspite of what I can say is only a poor read. The author is just dragging one arc to this long...I seriously am considering giving this a 1. And not a hate 1, no. A rational 1. <<less
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Dormideous rated it
May 23, 2021
Status: c1669
Okay, first things first, I absolutely enjoyed reading this and cant wait to get more chapters. Here are a few of my thoughts.

1) ITS NOT AS LONG AS IT LOOKS. Yes, its 1700 chapters, but each chapter itself is quite short and I managed to finish the book in a few days (although I was binge reading it the whole day for that time period). The book is very very readable, has pretty good grammar and the english is easy on the eyes and brain. Definitely a relaxed read.

2) THERE... more>> ARENT MANY MISUNDERSTANDINGS. Okay, this is just a pet peeve of mine, but the MC and the Male lead dont have uncountable misunderstandings before they finally get together for 2 chapters at the end of a 2000 chapter book. There ARE some misunderstandings but they resolve them fairly quickly and they dont drag them out forever.

3) MALE LEAD IS ALPHA MALE BUT NOT A DICK. Shocker, but being macho is not the same as being rude. Many authors get this wrong, they think the man who is rude or the bigger brute is manlier. This book gives the male lead plenty of soft parts and brings the story closer to reality. It grounds the romance on something that more people can relate to or atleast idolize.

4) POWER COUPLE. Enough said, the male lead nor the MC go around collecting admirers who they lead on. Both characters are often very frank and know where and how to draw lines in their relationships.

5) DEEP WORLD BUILDING. Yep, lots of thought went into creating and fleshing the world out. You actually notice geographical progression and are able to somewhat keep track of the various powers and players involved in big events. It isnt mind bending lay complex, but it is deep enough that it can be appreciated.

Those were some of my honest opinions. I really enjoyed this book, but I would recommend waiting for all the chapters to come out before binge reading this if you are the type to binge like me. I know most people would think that 1000 chapters are more than enough to binge but believe me, chapters go by QUICK. I didnt notice when I got from chapter 5 to chapter 200, I was literally dumbfounded. <<less
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Birguslatro rated it
February 18, 2020
Status: c403
Mind numbingly repetitive. The arcs blur together because nothing new ever happens. So so so many things drove me crazy that I have been forced to drop this for my own sanity. I'm used to reading some low quality stuff but this one stood out as particularly terrible.

Everyone is s*upid:

... more>>

The villains, supporting cast, and even the main characters are as dumb as bricks.

As usual, all the female villains want to kill the FL and all the guy villains want to do her. Then they go about hatching flawed plans to do so. Wait, calling it a plan would be too generous. Like,

Male Villain: Hurhur! She's had premarital s*x, and even a kid, clearly she's a love-starved hoe. If I say two nice things to her, she will fall desperately in love with me and all the good things she has will be my good things!! Haha, I am so smart.


: [kicks the slag across the room]

Male Villain: HOW?! WHAT IS LIFE?!

Well, it went something like that.

And then there's:

Female Villain : Haha! You are soooooo screwed!!! Look at all the male validation I have!!! Look at all the dowry I stole from your mom! I'm going to have you engaged to an armchair!

FL : [kicks them across the room]

Female Villain: WHAT?! HOW DARE YOU PROTEST UNFAIR TREATMENT!! UNBELIEVABLE. If you lie down and let me walk on you, I'll forgive you.


And then there's that winner of a father that immediately assumes the FL is f*cking any adult male that stands within ten feet of her or is mentioned in the same sentence or is adjacent to her existence. Like, how else could she have nice things? Clearly she f*cked her way to the nice things!

Well, maybe he can't be blamed 100% for that because she IS the owner of some kind of brothel chain, but we'll get to that later.

I'm too lazy go too much

into the supporting cast and main characters. Just let me say that there's a trio of young women followers that exhibit behavior that is not that much different from a female villain other than that the author tries to frame it in a cute way? But fails. They come off as spoiled, idiotic and tyrannical.

For example, they come up with a list of people that badmouth the FL and then proceed to flog and tyrannize everyone on that list, like it's a reasonable thing to do.

What the hell? People talk, what the hell are you going to do about it? I know the concept of freedom of speech is nonexistent in feudal China, but really? The FL's reputation is in tatters and basically the whole kingdom knows she gave birth to a bastard. Are you going to beat up everyone in the country? What does beating them up even achieve other than to give the FL and yourselves a reputation for being ruthless and unreasonable?

Oh, and what I really don't understand is why the FL doesn't utilize her brothel-cum-intelligence agency to combat the dirty rumors about her, or even sling back some dirt at her white lotus older sister. She just lets people continue calling her a sl*t, her son a bastard, and then uses that as an excuse to get violent.


Dubious consent:


ML likes to sexually harass the FL at every opportunity. The author doesn't do a good job selling it as something cute or romantic. There's biting, blood, and he threatens to chop off her hands and feet more than a few times. Worse, the FL doesn't put up more than a token struggle at the beginning and then she just lets it happen because she doesn't want to rock the boat. This is our heroic FL. It's cringey.

ML is also seriously indifferent to the son. He treats the kid as a tool to gain access to the mother and that's it. For example:

"Only Di Cang would know how much turmoil he had to go through after hearing Qing Luan abducted his son. The reasoning was because he knew Bai Yan's greatest weakness lies solely with the young boy. If anything does happen to the lad, no level of soothing could possibly make up for that grief, nor would she ever forgive him."

The son is KIDNAPPED and the father is only concerned at how this will impact his relationship with the mother.




So the FL saved the life of the boss of some mega chain of brothels that has power rivaling that of kingdoms. (I don't know.)

And so that boss pledges her life to the FL and now all her assets are at her disposal. Fine. What I don't get is how everyone is so impressed with this. Petty villains even scheme over how to obtain ownership of this McBrothel. Passers by are WOWWED over the fact that the FL is the de facto leader of an army of prostit**es. It's baffling how many times the author hammers this point home.

I really don't know.

Okay, so there's apparently so tactical usage of the whores also being intelligence officers. Fine. Whatever. BUT THE RANDOM PEOPLE ON THE STREET SHOULDNT KNOW THAT? RIGHT? Otherwise they'd be on guard then they go in and they'd gain zero intelligence correct?

So they're admiring a twenty something young lady for being a pimp? I really don't get it.

Not going to go into the moral implications of prostitution. Other people already covered it pretty well.

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gryffinpuff rated it
August 2, 2019
Status: c130
Kinda ridiculous story - has a revenge theme - but there are no plots to enact it - the bad guys are ridiculously s*upid - like the MC's father - he's so s*upid that he doesn't even use his brain!

MC and ML are overbearing tyrant with no brains between the two of them - they go on rampage in the imperial palace, and no one dares say anything...

The little boy is smarter than his parents. All the schemes MC is supposed to carry out are being done by a 5yr... more>> old. Smart 5yr olds are cute, but scheming 5yr olds are creepy... Romance between them started by reverse-rape, and is continuing along that line...

The MC is just chilling, with no focus on where the story will be going or anything... <<less
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