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The weirdest mobile game in history.

No one plays? It doesn’t matter. The daily salary starts at three hundred, including food and shelter.

Jin Ke, the new high school student’s father, entered the game with a simple goal. He wanted to feed himself and his six-month-old daughter on mobile games.

Later, he discovered that this mobile game is weirder than it claims.


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QCY rated it
June 7, 2020
Status: c6
Not quite sure why this novel is considered completed, because it definitely isn't, and I can't check for the raw source because the name hasn't been provided atm. (There may very well be a mistake and this is actually still ongoing)
***Edit: It actually isn't completed but I saw it when SOMEONE had said it's been completed. Meh, I'm not deleting this, just take in mind that this review is up to ch 6.

Moving on to the story:

Plot/Setting: 2/5

An absolute train wreck, due to the setting of the novel being entirely ridiculous. The MC, an orphan, adopts a kid after finding him in the snow and acts as a "dad" with another girl he barely knows. He's 17. In no state of mind to adopt a kid and provide welfare.

There seemed to be some sort of horror plot appearing in ch 5-6 but then there's no more updates?

Writing Quality: 1/5

Absolute shit=MTL quality with weird grammar. Google Translate has already improved a lot in the past years; MTL-ing in 2016 gave you a migraine and was practically illegible.

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