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Do you ever ponder the existence of myriad parallel universes, each mirroring your own reality? Clearly, it’s the same person. However, while she may be an unrivaled wealthy heiress in this universe, in another, she could just be a penniless working girl. Theoretically, these realms never cross paths. Yet, one fateful day, the affluent Jiang Xiaoyuan finds herself thrust into a meticulously orchestrated mishap, becoming another version of herself in a different realm. Stripped of her family background, education, looks, and wealth, what remains as the essence of oneself? What truly defines the self? This story plans to take a transformation plan into another dimension.

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One entry per line
Derailment (Drama)
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
07/10/24 Wook’s Teahouse c5
06/12/24 Wook’s Teahouse c4.2
06/05/24 Wook’s Teahouse c4.1
05/28/24 Wook’s Teahouse c3.2
05/22/24 Wook’s Teahouse c3.1
05/14/24 Wook’s Teahouse c2.2
05/10/24 Wook’s Teahouse c2.1
05/01/24 Wook’s Teahouse c1.2
04/24/24 Wook’s Teahouse c1 part1
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