Demon King, Don’t Run Away


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“The single-player streamer Yang Yu, who makes a living by selling game guides, quietly passed away in bed after playing a game continuously for seventy-two hours.

Unaware of his own death, he was invited by a god to guide through a certain RPG game and was encouraged to choose the most difficult starting point for civilians.

Unable to defeat even a slime in the newbie village? Need to manually taunt just to learn a taunting skill? Only getting garbage from the lottery?

Faced with numerous difficulties, he… became excited.

True masters never fear challenges, only fearing games being too easy.

As he watched his barren status panel gradually fill up, an unprecedented sense of satisfaction filled his heart. Yang Yu gradually became addicted to causing trouble, unable to extricate himself.

“Huh? Looks like there’s a lone hero up ahead. Watch me turn him into a power house! Ah, he noticed me. Hero, don’t run away!”

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Becoming Peasant on a Game World
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