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He discovered a runaway child next to a fallen motorcycle at the crack of dawn on December 31st.

“Did you run away from home?”


“You’re an Alpha, right?”

“How…did you know?”

“Well, just.”

“You’re…an Omega?”

Yeonwoo, who momentarily helped an Alpha boy similar to his height. His misery was too intense for him to recall that tiny detail of help. As he returned to school after a three-year break, as if he had fled from terrible things about dominant Alphas, he met an Alpha in the library. Tall, with a pleasant pheromone that spread as though possessed. He continued to approach Yeonwoo.

“Don’t you go to school?”

“I took a leave of absence. What about you, Yeonwoo?”

“Me too. I will attend next year.”

“Which school?”

“University W.”

His face was tinged with amazement. Yeonwoo heard a low pitched voice as if he had suppressed his emotions.

“You are my senior.”

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1 Review

Apr 26, 2023
Status: c25
Seriously, this is high up on my list for favorite Omegaverse stories! 😍 The writing is so so good & the webtoon gets really close in portraying exactly what's described in the novel.

Kim Shin is literally the ultimate green light Alpha. His character is well developed & his growth with the uke is memorable. Kim Shin drops numerous hints to uke about their past meeting but Yeon-Woo is a little bit dense but on the same token was going through a pretty traumatic experience during their first encounter. Things develop... more>> pretty quickly between the two in either case and it is just a beautiful read. I highly recommend this! <<less
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