Dear Fairy, Please Contract with Me


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Hi. Am I your first fairy?

I met a lonely child, very deep underground.
I wanted to see the kid smile.
So I was born as a flower fairy.

“I’ll promise. I will get out of here with you!”

You are a seed trapped in the ground.
In the name of the flower fairy, I will surely make you bloom.

“Yes. Let’s work together. Let’s go out together… Take each other out of here.”

To escape with the cute boy, the fairy has a lot of work to do!
We prepared hard for a long time.
And finally, an opportunity came…

We were finally out into the world.
The whole world coveted my human being in full bloom.

“You are too great for me to have.”

My first person.
My precious planet. My beloved flower.
The origin of the fairy, Shrensha, was Leoren.
I was going to let Leo go a little, very little, for Leo’s life.

“Leo is the greatest in the world. I’m just Shrensha from Leoren.”

Leo knew only me.

“Shrensha, please sign a contract with me.”


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요정님, 계약해 주세요
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Jul 05, 2022
Status: c70
Possible spoiler to ch 70....

... more>>

The setting is inside a prison where the main protagonist had been born into the world for the sake of being experimented on. The ppl do horrible things to the male protagonist for the sake of creating a stronger human.

Although this start makes it sound like it would spiral the readers into some action packed emo plot, it's kinda... just fluff. Which made me feel confused as I read the series. I didn't really know how to feel.

I felt curious to find out the mystery of the male protagonist's background and their adventure to try and escape the prison. But the author keeps writing about cake and cookies (lit). There was a whole chapter about the fairy and the male protagonist sharing a single strawberry and crying about how tasty it was.

Still, I kept going thinking the cake and cookie talk was just filler, but nah. I read until chapter 70 and more than half the chapters were just about eating sweets and hugging in tears.

Sorry but I'm dropping it.... I won't continue to read it.... Maybe the author likes to build the plot slowly but I'm just confused why the author would throw the characters into prison and write about useless things like cake and cookies -_-

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