Dandy Escapes From Marriage


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Liu Shu, the leader of the top four dandies in Jiangnan, spent his days in leisure, enjoying tea and wine without any seriousness. Upon learning of his engagement to the second son of the Shen family in the capital city, he wrapped up his belongings and ran away to a faraway place.

Unexpectedly, his journey didn’t go well, and he encountered mountain bandits. Disheveled and in tatters, he knocked on the door of a farmer’s house. When a man in coarse linen clothing opened the door and their eyes met…

Oh no, Liu Shu thought, pressing his chest; he’s quite handsome!

Liu Shu saw a man who only existed in novels for the first time. Despite being impoverished, he was pure and unaffected, and even in dire circumstances, he remained elegant. Even when squatting by the chicken coop to look for eggs, he maintained his grace.

Liu Shu was deeply attracted to him. To pursue the man and live a good life, he resolutely took on the family’s heavy burden. He farmed the fields, weaved cloth, carried water, and irrigated the garden, making this already less wealthy family even more prosperous.

Liu Shu: =.=

Strange, the more he cultivates this land, the poorer it becomes, but why is life getting richer and richer?

One day, Liu Shu decided to confess, “My dear, actually, my father is the richest man in Jiangnan, and I have an unreliable engagement. I’m supposed to marry the conservative and old-fashioned second son of the Shen family in the capital. He probably knows nothing, not diligent in physical labor nor knowledgeable in agriculture, and definitely not as good as you~”

After saying this, he fell into a strange silence for a moment. “…I am the second son of the Shen family.”


“Also, who is ‘My dear’?”


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2 Reviews

Nov 04, 2023
Status: Completed
A very sweet wholesome slice of life novel. Liu Shu is an adorable little bean and he is too cute to get mad at. Shen Ke is honestly the best! Super sweet, caring and generous. They match each other perfectly and are pretty much soulmates on all levels.

If you want to read something casually without too much drama or plot than I really recommend you to try!
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 25, 2024
Status: Completed
The second half was fun, but the first 20 chapters or so wasn't really enjoyable to read. It was basically them struggling to make ends meet, literally. Their rich backgrounds were supposed to be their golden fingers but it was useless during the first half.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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