Dan Martial Evil Sovereign


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Evil Lord Li Zong had wanted to refine the four supreme dragon souls to break through his own realm, but he never expected that he would bring the power of the four supreme dragon souls back to three thousand years ago when he was a teenager! He had killed all his enemies in advance in his previous life that he had not been able to avenge in his previous life, and he had been unable to posture in time. He would offer everything he had in this life!

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Date Group Release
01/29/20 Babel Realm c62
01/28/20 Babel Realm c61
01/27/20 Babel Realm c60
01/26/20 Babel Realm c59
01/25/20 Babel Realm c58
01/24/20 Babel Realm c57
01/23/20 Babel Realm c56
01/22/20 Babel Realm c55
01/20/20 Babel Realm c54
01/19/20 Babel Realm c53
01/18/20 Babel Realm c52
01/17/20 Babel Realm c51
01/16/20 Babel Realm c50
01/15/20 Babel Realm c49
01/14/20 Babel Realm c48
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