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When Feng Yi’s business was in trouble, his great-aunt’s personal butler came to him with a huge inheritance.

Feng Yi: “There are so many people of the same generation, why did she choose me?”

Butler: “You look the most pleasing.”

Feng Yi touched his V-shaped face. “She has good eyesight!”

However, after receiving the inheritance, everything went wrong.

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May 20, 2023
Status: --
OMG?!?!?! YES! I don't really know much about the novel rn, I've only read up until like chapter 3 via MTL, but stopped 'cuz I thought how I should just wait for Author to finish writing, then maybe at that time someone will pick it up to translate. And here it is~

Though I don't know much of it, I've been a fan of Lazy Clique's other fantasy novels (Superstars of Tomorrow, Chronicles of Primordial Wars, and Star Rank Hunter) so am excited for this one. On another note, I saw... more>> that it doesn't have as high rating unlike the novels I mentioned, so am a bit apprehensive, I still want to trust the author though! Since the novels I read got better the more recent it is. <<less
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sweetyouu rated it
May 29, 2023
Status: c425
It's a story more about the character's growth and acceptance of his condition. There's not a lot of drama and it can get dull at times (for me anyway), but I still find it interesting and will keep reading. There are some chapters where the POV switches to his cousin and I'm like what? but thankfully it's not too often.

One thing I must say tho

... more>>

people keep calling MC dumb/s*upid in the story (really it's just the butler and aunt) but I feel he's pretty smart? maybe a bit reckless lol but not entirely s*upid. don't get it... MC abuse! lol

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Hmntlzn rated it
May 20, 2023
Status: c400
Finally someone pick this up!!! I'm a fan of the author~

This novel about how the MC got a 'power' (because his family bloodline?). His power kinda a "secret" so not many people actually knows his real power including his family (similar to a superhero movies? *But totally different).


He can turn into snake but its not instant. His power kinda OP too


Thanks to the translator & team for picking this novel.
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