Celina Is Pregnant


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“I need a woman at night.”

Caesar, Grand Duke of Tibet, invaded the Empire of Romanez and captured the Islen family.

“I’ll do it. Instead, kill everyone but me.”

Celina was destined to be sold as a concubine anyway.

Unwanted marriage, abuse of relatives. Revenge for the family was all she wanted in all his life.

“You are not a virgin.”

Celina clearly shed fresh blood from the first penetration. However, Caesar was suspicious of her first experience. Celina’s body was sensitive, as if she had been touched by a lover before her marriage.

“Because I’ve been educated.”


“S*x education to please my husband. Everyone gets it before they get… married.”

A beautiful and pure face. On the contrary, the sloppy and lustful body was enough to seduce a man of noble status. Caesar, who had never had a mistress, needed a new cause to keep Celina by his side.

“Give birth to my child.”

Celina did not shed a tear even after killing all her relatives. Caesar, who had no intention of marrying her, needed a cold-blooded successor like himself.

“Give me status when I have a child.”

Caesar was going to use her and abandon her.

Until Celina runs away pregnant.

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임신당한 첼리나
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1 Review

Jun 29, 2023
Status: --
I love this novel and I hope that translator - nim will continue to work with this. Well, it's another heart twisting novel and it's not boring to read. The smut is well explained. ML is a beast (not your typical virgin ml), he's a s*x maniac. Fl's first experience is the most horrible experience a woman might encounter, although she agreed to be his s*x sl*ve in exchange for her relatives' lives (she wished for their death) but at least he should have been more gentle when... more>> he noticed that it was her first time. I understand that ML has a trust issues with women because of his mother. He refused to believe fl's virginity although he have seen how she bled because it was her first time - and because of his monstrous c*ck. He's a woman hater and only wanted a successor. So from s*x partner to surrogate mother is the new role of the FL.

Actually, if you're not comfortable reading force relationship and/or s*x, then this novel is not for you. FL agreed to this kind of relationship. Their agreement is for her to give him a successor and after that, she will leave eventually, he fell in love with her and her to him. No one is vocal to admit each other's feeling so the misunderstanding continued. FL running away from ML but found by him not so long after - I wanted to laugh so hard on this part because I thought she successfully manifested her plan but failed lol. Her cousin found her and wanted to kill her but ML shielded her and got poisoned instead.

Anyway, this novel is my cup of tea. Hopefully it was not dropped and sorry for my grammar, English is my 4th language. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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