Cataclysm Card Emperor


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“Doctor, it seems there’s something wrong with my emotions.”
“There’s a clown in the West City Circus who can make everyone laugh. I think he can help you.”
“But doctor… I am that clown.”
This is a fantasy world after a major catastrophe, where countless ancient dungeons lie buried beneath the fog-shrouded earth.
In these dungeons, there are traps, monsters, and other-dimensional spaces, as well as ancient godly taboos and countless treasure legends left over from the old days.
Disasters, steam, curse runes, ancient relics, a sequence of poker cards with extraordinary magic.
Remnants of the old world, ancient relic shelters, poker monk associations, witch associations, fire thieves, the wall of the world…
In the shadowy corners of the world, a treasure hunter wearing a clown mask walks alone in the darkness.
He is Joker Ji Xun, the Cataclysm Card Emperor!

Associated Names
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Apocalypse Card Emperor
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12/11/23 Gravity Novels c14
12/10/23 Gravity Novels c13
12/08/23 Gravity Novels c11
12/09/23 Gravity Novels c12
12/07/23 Gravity Novels c10
12/06/23 Gravity Novels c9
12/05/23 Gravity Novels c7
12/03/23 Gravity Novels c6
12/03/23 Gravity Novels c5
12/02/23 Gravity Novels c4
12/02/23 Gravity Novels c3
12/02/23 Gravity Novels c2
12/02/23 Gravity Novels c1
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