But the Cruel Devil Calls Me Baby


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Yao Yao finished playing the magic game in the terminal illness ward and closed her eyes, only to find herself transported into the game. Though she had a delicate and weak physique and was a cultivation failure, her blood turned out to be a universal treasure. After her fiance, who was dedicated to eradicating demons and upholding justice, discovered this, he drained her blood to save the female lead, causing Yao Yao to die early and become a white moonlight.

“…?” Yao Yao hurriedly clutched her precious self and ran away.

However, on the third day of her game being offline, the Forsaken Abyss, a place in the game, experienced the largest upheaval in thousands of years.

The ancient demon, sealed away, reignited the ice flame and collided with the blood array, about to bring about the disaster of world destruction. The cultivation world trembled in horror, hastily selecting a group of scapegoats to reinforce the seal in the Forsaken Abyss—among them was the unlucky Yao Yao.

Yao Yao immediately decided to use some of her own blood, but it couldn’t be painful—so, nosebleed it is OvO

After a night of slaughter, Chong Yan lay exhausted amidst a sea of corpses, breathing heavily.

Throughout his life, he had been framed, skinned, and bone-embedded, frozen at the bottom of a cliff in solitary confinement for thousands of years. Yet, he remained quiet, sane, and hygienic, because someone had accompanied him in the void for thirty thousand years.

But now, he had lost… his treasure.

Just as he closed his eyes in despair, he suddenly heard a shy, sweet, and soft voice—

“Check out those abs^3^”

Chong Yan never expected her to appear. However, the day he learned that Yao Yao had a fiance, an ancient ferocious beast erupted in a violent frenzy, revealing its true form. He first went and exploded her fiance, then overturned the immortal sect that treated her poorly, and finally came back, forcefully maintaining a cold indifference, urging her to leave.

But the young girl, in front of the giant beast, looked up for a moment, and then—using both hands and feet, she climbed onto his spine, straddled his horn, swayed her little legs, and finally slid down his nose bridge like a smooth slide to the giant beast’s mouth:

“I want to touch here.” she said.
“Not allowed to touch? Alright, then I’ll give it a little kiss.”

Chong Yan: “!”

So, he broke the prohibition for her, reignited the ice flame for her, removed all the bone spurs for her, and with his shattered giant body, from chest to tail, he encircled her in his embrace.
…Baby, my baby.

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One-sentence synopsis: Little Sun redeems the world-destroying demon lord.

Concept: Love is power.

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hobbes rated it
December 23, 2023
Status: Completed
The story is really good, but I planned to drop it at least 20 times. However, I still stuck with it only for the poor ML with negative self-confidence. The story didn't connect and didn't make sense most of the time. I was really shocked because the premise was great, but the writing was really bad. I finally realized what it was when I started reading the raws from a Chinese website and used Chrome for translation. The problem was not with the author but with the translators.

I am very... more>> grateful to all translators who allow everyone to read their translations, but this translation just spoils the entire story. I am really sorry, translators, but please fix the translations. The translations are really bad, and they have also changed so many names, which takes out a lot of the essence of the story. I have read MTL so many time, so grammar mistakes don't matter to me, but changing the whole story concept like this is a big no for me. Sorry, Shanghai Fantasy, I have read your translations many times, and they were really good, but I am not happy with this single novel.

Anyways, back to the story. It was a really nice story. It had too many secrets, but everything comes together in the end, which is really nice. I liked both the ML and FL. All the side characters are really nice too.

As described in the synopsis, the FL transmigrates and leaves the original ML. She goes looking for the demon dragon she was feeding and giving things to in the game. There are many mysteries related to her bloodline, and she becomes stronger step by step. She is not a dim-witted person who doesn't realize how the ML feels about her. She knows that she is very important to the dragon, so she is always nice to the demon dragon and keeps assuring him, maintaining his self-confidence and telling him he is also very important to her.

The ML is such a poor soul. It's very, very, very sad to see the ML suffer so much. He is also very innocent and doesn't know anything. Since he has been locked up since he was a kid, he doesn't know about worldly things or any feelings. All he knows are the things that the FL gave him. He will be trapped like that for 30, 000 years, only waiting for the FL.

ML Past

The ML is the son of the immortal dragon and immortal phoenix. His father is the king of the immortals. These good-for-nothing parents give birth to a son with deficiencies; he doesn't have an eye, heart, and back spine. The tr*sh parents wont be happy so the damned phoenix uses some forbidden method to give birth to another son, the ML, for the sole purpose of taking his organs and giving them to her elder son.

She uses both demon and god essence for conceiving, so the baby is born with both these powers and is incredibly powerful. After its birth, everyone will be scared of such a powerful existence. His mother takes away his eye, heart, and spine from the baby, puts 99, 000 different kinds of spells and enchantments on him, and seals him in the abyss. He will be in so much pain and won't know why everyone hates him so much. Both his parents are non-recyclable tr*sh. Even until the end, they want to kill an entire world just to save face to cover up all their crimes. I really wanted the damned phoenix to suffer because it was she who started all this, but she died too easily.


FL Bloodline

So the FL actually doesn't transmigrate. The FL is from the immortal world, and her parents are immortals who were undergoing some tribulation in the mortal world. Her parents can manipulate time, so they try various means to change her future of being used as a blood bank and becoming strong.


The story is about the FL saving the ML and traveling together to get all his body parts back, becoming strong together, and facing their enemies and have a happy ending, which is really good. I would have definitely sent a mail filled with protests if the author had not given our poor ML his happy ending after suffering so much.

I loved all the side characters. Her brother is super nice. The snake is very funny. The original ML and original FL were like annoying c*ckroaches who came back again and again becoming more annoyingly.

It's a really good novel. I would advise you to skip the Shanghai Fantasy translation and directly read it using Chrome Translate; it's not that hard to understand. <<less
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ani ianna
ani ianna rated it
December 27, 2023
Status: Completed
The plot is very creative and good telling pain, love, revenge, and justice.. translator did a very good job

ML and FL love eachother so much that they end up getting overpowered together by having contract of love... it is not a novel where only ML is powerful and FL is less powerful than him.. this story conveys and reflects how a two individuals who are in love and have trust over eachother can merge into one and provide enormous control and balance and increment in power through their integrated powerful... more>> effort they got their justice and changed the order of heaven both characters have their already unique powers but when that merged it achieved the desired justice......

The supporting characters are like just vow fl's brotherand his sword spirit , sea god and lan congshu just provided the support the ML never had

It was so good but the amount of chapters could have been shortened that's it it was lengthy but worth to read 🤟 <<less
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