Bred By An Alien [Ebook version]


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Book 1: In order to bear him an excellent offspring, Mia, a female Earthling, was held captive by the highly-intelligent alien Frederick…

Book 2: Even after agreeing to bear a child for Frederick, Mia has more questions and thoughts about him. In addition, for some reason, she found that she couldn’t get pregnant….

Book 3: Mia is finally pregnant. But the child is not Frederick’s?! How will the angry and helpless Frederick treat Mia?

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07/14/24 Foxaholic 18 c5 part5
06/24/24 Foxaholic 18 c5 part5
06/12/24 Foxaholic 18 c5 part4
06/12/24 Foxaholic 18 c5 part3
05/25/24 Foxaholic 18 c5 part2
05/18/24 Foxaholic 18 c5 part1
05/11/24 Foxaholic 18 c4 part10
05/04/24 Foxaholic 18 c4 part9
04/27/24 Foxaholic 18 c4 part8
04/19/24 Foxaholic 18 c4 part7
04/13/24 Foxaholic 18 c4 part6
04/13/24 Foxaholic 18 c4 part5
04/13/24 Foxaholic 18 c4 part4
03/22/24 Foxaholic 18 c4 part3
03/22/24 Foxaholic 18 c4 part2
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