Books to Dominate Married Women


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The story of a lucky teenage boy who manages to find a book to have s*x with married women as he pleases.

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Narutolvr rated it
June 23, 2018
Status: c3
OMG this is so bad I'm dying of laughter XD XD XD!!! The "backstory" is basically a summary, we're given so few details. MC buys 10 books- 1 he wanted and 9 random ones he didn't even check the titles of because... not sure, actually. I probably would have just bought the book I wanted to read or, at the very least, read the titles and/or summaries of the other books before choosing. Well, anyway, among the random collection of 9, there's a book called "Book of Dominating Married Women"... more>> that has a spell in it. MC says spell and suddenly any married woman will do whatever he wants. You with me so far? Good. Because here's where things get 10x worse (or better depending on how you look at it).

The s*x scenes. Oh god, the s*x scenes. How do I describe them? It's as if an alien who doesn't really understand human anatomy looked at some pictures in a Biology textbook from ~1950, then tried to write out a scene using their limited understanding. The previous reviewers actually weren't kidding when they said female/male "instrument". Every so often, the author will throw in a "[insert gender] g**italia" to really get your engines going XD. Due to the direct and unedited translations, the descriptions of the action are almost clinical. "Please spread the female instrument for inserting male instruments with your fingers" sounds more like a scientist supervising an experiment than 2 people making whoopie. By far the most un-sexy thing I think I've ever come across.

And, unfortunately, the translations are just not very good. There's an overabundance of sound effects- or what I imagine are sound effects. There are so many, in fact, that I'm not sure what's happening until our robot MC jumps in to narrate his next action. This might just be an issue with Japanese to English since English uses sfx to supplement rather than tell the story, but I genuinely am not sure what 75% of those sfx are supposed to be indicating. It's just... really... bad lol.

All in all, this is truly a 1 star story. I've never come across a story that deserved 1 star as much as this does. Yet it's so bad that it's actually hilarious, leaving me no choice but to give it 2 stars. Honestly, if you have 5-10 minutes to waste, please just take a look at this story (at least the first 2 chapters). It's so awful you must experience it for yourself XD!!! <<less
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PiCrazy31415 rated it
May 26, 2018
Status: c17
Oh Japanese smut novels. What do I do with you.

I'm writing this review just because this story is so frickin ridiculous. The author feels the need for every single thing to be narrated every single time they have smex, so much so that it's basically one or**sm per chapter. Also, the terms male/female instrument, male/female g**italia are used lavishly, so that it just becomes hilarious. Couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous this story is. Skimmed through the 17 TL'd chapters in like 15 minutes. Props to the translator for actually... more>> writing out this madness. <<less
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MatryoshkaDxD rated it
May 24, 2018
Status: c17
I think its good, the problem is just the that the s*x scene has a slight problem, I mean whats with the Male Instrument & Female Instrument, who the heck call it like that when having s*x what is he an Elementary year old. Also I agree with the first reviewer why the heck you give the teacher to your friend you shouldn’t do that
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ItsVulop rated it
May 18, 2018
Status: c16
Ok so the lines of the novel is so cringey idk if its lime that in the raw or not, I just dont like it

There are many things that I dont like in this novel

... more>>

like on 1 chapter mc's friend like his teacher who's s3xually frustated I guess and makes the teacher to have s3x with his friend juat like that OMG BRAH DONT DO DAT :V


The author repeats the line way too much and when describing the s3x scene... its so cringeyyyyyyyy.

Oh and the sfx for the s3x scene is this

"Guchuu~tsu, jupuu~tsu, zuryuu~tsu" "a ha~tsu, kū ~tsu, n n ~tsu"

Yah I dont get that... its just wierd IMO

Overall... for those who like milfs I guess you'll like this... its not that good of a novel. Just read this if you have nothing else to read, I mean each chapter is so small that in probably only takes less than 10 minute to finish all current chapters

Idk why im writing a long review

In the end its just my opinion, judge the novel urself <<less
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jjm152 rated it
September 6, 2019
Status: --
It's horrible. You're way better off just reading "normal" free erot*c fiction on the internet from sites like literotica or Archive of our Own. I mean it. This story is ridiculously bad as chapter after chapter is either meaningless conversations (since there is no plot) or repetitive descriptions of s*x. There's absolutely no imagination here at all and I would suspect that the author is probably a hikimori virg*n.

Stay away!
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