Boogiepop Missing: Peppermint no Majutsushi


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You’ve probably missed something at some point in your life, haven’t you? Even though it was really, really important, you were so stuck to some foolish pride and so preoccupied with what was right in front of you, that you ended up missing something. Am I wrong? ……This is the story of a magician that’s had to do that kind of thing over and over again. He is talented, successful, and a failure. The road taken by this magician is a s*upid, lonely, and lively story of ice cream. That cold, vivid sweetness was an innocent, cruel and sad fairy-tale that, for an instant… yes, it was so fast that even I, Boogiepop, missed it. It was a moment of amus**ent that connected a clown, a god of death, and those with broken dreams before it melted, disappeared, and was lost in the blink of an eye.

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Boogiepop Missing: Peppermint Wizard
ブギーポップ·ミッシング ペパーミントの魔術師
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02/01/20 Threats to the World complete
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