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Born into an age of turmoil, God died. But did the truth die as well?

A man who would sleep until he naturally awoke. A man who counted money until his hands cramped. By a random stroke of fate, a despicable, cunning rascal who loves to fight and chase girls becomes the successor to the departed soul of a great necromancer who once challenged the gods.

Like a little fish in a big river, Rogge aimlessly seeks his fate. He gets involved with the fairy race, God’s realm, the dwarf country, and other dimensions, as well as in politics, war, and trade. Within his adventures, he finds lucky encounters left and right as his achievements spiral upwards to ever greater heights.

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11/14/18 Shova Translations c13
10/05/18 Shova Translations c12
09/29/18 Shova Translations c11
09/25/18 Shova Translations c10 part2
09/01/16 Shova Translations c10 part1
08/29/16 Shova Translations c9
08/04/16 Shova Translations c8 part2
08/02/16 Shova Translations c8 part1
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07/21/16 Shova Translations c6 part2
07/20/16 Shova Translations c6 part1
07/17/16 Shova Translations c5
07/14/16 Shova Translations c4
07/11/16 Shova Translations c3 part2
07/11/16 Shova Translations c3 part1
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Jaded rated it
July 15, 2016
Status: c4
The novel is pretty interesting, but the editing.... It's not unreadable, but needs a lot of improvement.
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