Black Crow and White Crow


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Xie Lichen is known as the “Black Crow,” for he always portrays villains. His devilishly handsome appearance and uniquely deep voice make his antagonistic roles particularly striking.

Rong Jin is not an actor; he is Xie Lichen’s bodyguard. In Xie Lichen’s eyes, he is a “White Crow” – smart, attractive, and skilled in martial arts.

Acting for Xie Lichen is merely a pastime; he has more important matters to attend to. After all, an ordinary actor wouldn’t need a super bodyguard by his side at all times. Rong Jin was originally an outstanding police officer, assigned a special mission to protect a major star. This star, notorious for his terrible personality, not only causes trouble but also harasses Rong Jin every day in various ways.

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November 25, 2023
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So the blurb says that the white crow is smart? He's a muscle head who has no social knowledge and sees everything as pure black and white, he's childish and judges people. So far he is so annoying that I don't want to read this. Plus they have already done one mission and I haven't seen a mystery yet.
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