Bird Cage


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A calm and a healing romantic story unfolding in the warm Kingdom of Bolavis!

Jersha suffered from the scars of the burn marks on her face which was caused due to a fire incident in the royal palace where she used to reside as a child.

She almost died in that incident, but was very fortunate as she survived. However she was called a disgrace to the kingdom, simply because of her scars and was named as a hideous woman.

She was a woman who has lived her whole life covering her face with a piece of veil.


‘I will be wedded to the king of Bolavis and will become his queen?’

Jersha knew that this marriage was simply a transaction to maintain peace between kingdoms, but what was wrong with the king? Why was he rushing so much for the wedding?

Justinian, the king of Bolavis, was popularly known to be an upright man. What was his real motive behind welcoming Jersha, to whom no one paid attention to, as his queen?!

* * *

Justinian sat in front of Jersha on his knee.

“Princess Jersha. I did not marry you out of curiosity or as an act of sympathy. There is a reason why I chose you as my wife and not the other princess…. You are my Queen. The Queen of Bolavis…”

“Why did you choose me… … ?”

“Because I wanted to meet you.”

“… … .”

“Because…. I like you.”

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버드 케이지
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