Becoming Bestfriends With the Cold Male Lead


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She possessed a princess from a tropical country who had a crush on her childhood friend, the male lead.

…Oh, he’s so cold?!

This is good! Although she got dumped, she was a wonderful woman who supported the cool male lead.

She thought about becoming best friends with the male lead as she intended to follow the development like in the original novel. She should also quickly figure out how to deal with the male lead’s ability and return to the kingdom. She must have definitely done that……



Low and deep voice rang in her ears.


Surprised by the voice of someone who could never be heard here, Livia jumped up from her seat.

No, he can’t possibly be here right now, can he?

Lucian stood before Livia, who was blinking at the unbelievable reality before her.

“It’s really hot here……”

“You, you…….”


“How’s your engagement?”

“…… I’m not doing it.”

What does he mean?

“Why aren’t you doing it?”

“So you don’t have to.”

Lucian, who smiled at her, took off his black coat. He proceeded to put it on Livia’s shoulder, who was wearing a top that clearly exposed her shoulders.

“I’m not getting engaged.”

He added in a low voice as he started to button the coat.

“Neither are you, of course.”

It was when the Crown Prince of the Colden Empire, filled with the smell of cold winter, arrived in the Hate Kingdom where the sun was shining brightly.

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얼어붙은 남주와 절친까지만 되려 했는데
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