Beasts in Clothes


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This is a story about redemption.

After being alone for so long, Luo Qing met her uncle, Luo Xingzhi, one day. But she thought he was the same as the others, beasts wearing human clothes.

He proved her wrong. He took care of her when she was covered in wounds, mentally and physically when she had no one else to rely on.

Who cared about moral shackles? She. Wanted. Him.

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05/17/24 Foxaholic 18 c22
05/10/24 Foxaholic 18 c21
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05/03/24 Foxaholic 18 c19
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04/19/24 Foxaholic 18 c17
04/12/24 Foxaholic 18 c16
04/05/24 Foxaholic 18 c15
03/29/24 Foxaholic 18 c14
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03/15/24 Foxaholic 18 c12
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