As I Know Anything About You, I’ll Be The One To Your Girlfriend, Aren’t I?


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“The thrill of my smartphone vibrating in sync with the heartbeat of the boy I like is the best.”

She is the top national mock exam scorer, a high school student who earns a hefty sum with her programming skills.

Yet, Kujo Kurenai, who dislikes people and speaks to no one, was deeply in love with her classmate seated next to her, Miyashiro Kuuya.

Confused by her first-ever feelings of affection, Kurenai found a hobby in collecting information about Kuuya using her advanced technical skills.

Based on the information gathered, she would speak to Kuuya once every ten days, marking her days with a painful longing.

However, Kuuya possesses a special ability to “see people’s emotions as colors” and has noticed Kurenai’s secret affection—!

A love comedy filled with missed connections between a high-spec girl who can’t express her feelings and a boy with special abilities who’s distrustful of love!

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As I Know Everything About You, Shouldn’t I Become Your Girlfriend?
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reviwig rated it
March 2, 2024
Status: Completed
Under the guise of a silly story about a student being (digitally) stalked by his seatmate, lurks a compelling story about giving your everything for your loved one, and breaking free of the tethers of the past.

The comedy aspect is great, especially when reading from the point of view of Kurenai—her self-deprecation regarding her own actions, as well as her bashfulness are quite amusing. Her later interactions with the childhood friend—Suika—are also enjoyable.

The romance really shone in the later part of the novel when Suika was involved, in my opinion.... more>> It was sadly somewhat abated by the ending, but at any rate, Kurenai's love story felt more like a way to introduce the characters. I would not call it filler, but it really felt like the novel was about their romance, with Kurenai witnessing it, being an observer that set things into motion—even Kurenai herself says so at some point!

This really is a story about the past and overcoming trauma, so expect flashbacks to take up a good chunk of the book. That being said, the story is far from shallow and the comedy is fun, so why not give that book a try?

I will be ranting a little about the ending now, as I feel like it is sort of a waste to end it on an open ending.


It sort of blows my mind that the author went out of their way to specify that Kuuya and Suika were not dating in the epilogue, and that Kurenai did not give up yet.

Seeing that childhood friends basically never win, I was pleasantly surprised when the tide started turning in her favour. Why you ask, she basically spent more than five years hiding her feelings every day for Kuuya's sake, as well as protecting him from harm the whole time. She definitely deserved that win.

After having her confess her feelings, having him overcome his trauma by the same token, and having both of them exchange a kiss, literally linking their blood stained hands together (and probably trading some viruses too), it is hard to not want them to end up together. (Granted, the kiss was a little one-sided, but still!)

It is true that nothing would have happened without Kurenai's meddling, but that was exactly her role: breaking the status quo. She managed to grasp plenty of happiness by finally realising her humanity as she came across her first heartbreak. She even acknowledges that she sort of butted in into the two's piled up years of history. Her crying scene was bitter, but at the same, should have been a beautiful conclusion to her growth. It is sort of miserable, ending the epilogue on her confessing...

Notwithstanding, my copium-free opinion is that Kuuya and Suika would end up together, considering how her yandere level is second to none.

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