As Beautiful as Ever, the Bells Sound under the Starry Sky


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The more you know, the more you don’t know.

Arriving at an unknown continent, Witsen was left to venture this mysterious land all alone when his companion died after getting attacked by beasts. Perhaps just a coincidence, he came across a teenage girl named Karile and the two travelled together. However, things are not as simple as they seem. The more Witsen learnt about the world, the more questions he had in mind. Where will this journey to seek the truth lead him, and perhaps even the world to?

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11/10/18 Verdant Lore v1c3
11/09/18 Verdant Lore v1c2
11/07/18 Verdant Lore v1c1
11/05/18 Verdant Lore prologue
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SaltyTank rated it
November 7, 2018
Status: afterword
Hello everyone, I'm SaltyTank, the translator of this series. I've read till Volume 4 Chapter 4, the final chapter of this novel, and I wanted to share what I think about it.

Given that this novel is a pretty short one with just around 30 or so chapters, the plot has been advancing at a considerable pace, slightly too fast for some people I guess. The MC arrives at an unknown continent and begins to venture further inland, only to discover more and more secrets; not just about the continent, but... more>> also about himself. The plot twists are entertaining and are subtly hinted with some foreshadowing along the way. The ending was not a conclusive one and left room for sequels, which the author promised to write a total of 9 more. The world and setting in the novel is decent as well. Although some things are slightly vague here and there, they are not much of an issue and may be further expanded on in future sequels, which I'm certainly looking forward to.

That wraps up my short review, and I hope all of you will enjoy it ^_^
SaltyTank <<less
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