Aristocratic Daughters Got Used To Me (LN)


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For me, it was just a normal thing. But they trusted me deeply.

After being reincarnated, I found myself in a school life surrounded by nobles. I was born into a wealthy and arrogant noble family, but I tried to behave as a modern person, treating everyone kindly regardless of their social status. I didn’t let the class difference bother me.

Amidst this school life, Luna, a noble young lady, took a liking to me. She was usually quiet and didn’t open up to anyone, but she was different with me. She would have meals with me and even go on dates, albeit shyly.

“I have no intention of spending time with anyone other than you.”

In this school life, I also became close to other noble girls and maids. They were all graceful, refined, and would occasionally act sweetly towards me.

As my relationships with these lovely ladies deepened, a heartwarming school romantic comedy began to unfold!

Associated Names
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Kizoku reijō. Ore ni dake natsuku
貴族令嬢. 俺にだけなつく
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