Arcadia ~Three Years After the Service Started, It’s Too Late to Conquer the Virtual World~


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The VR gaming device, Arcadia, has released the world’s first and only virtual world.
Three years have passed since the game, which overturned the world’s common sense in every sense of the word, began service…Now, a young man has broken through the path of asuras filled with part-time jobs and studies and throws himself into that world.

“I spent three years of my youth paying for the purchase…!!”

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アルカディア ~サービス開始から三年、今更始める仮想世界攻略
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09/30/23 GalaxyTL c5
09/10/23 GalaxyTL c4
09/09/23 GalaxyTL c3
09/09/23 GalaxyTL c2
09/09/23 GalaxyTL c1
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