Aori Aorare Shi Teta Netoge Nakama ga Shinayukikatamasana Bijin Senpaidatta Hanashi


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If you manage to defeat me, I’ll become your girlfriend as the prize.

Kuroto Kamiki, better known as ‘Kuro-chan,’ has an online friend.

His name is Goribayashi, or better known as ‘Gori-san.’ He excels at playing games, be it FPS, fighting games, or other genres.

Although initially polite and kind, Gori-san becomes highly expressive when playing against Kamiki.

Despite this, Kamiki is always impressed by Gori-san’s skills, and their relationship is filled with banter and teasing.

With their close bond and Kamiki’s growing interest in someone older, he decides to seek relationship advice from Gori-san.

And so, a romantic comedy between gaming and online friends begins!

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A story about how the online game friend who was being provoked was a beautiful senior with good manners.
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