Aoharu Devil


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It’s time for a plea for wishes, and sometimes “demons”.

That night, my youth was born in flames…

Having forgotten his phone, Arihara sneaks into school at night and sees a strange light illuminating the roof. There, he met a beautiful girl – loka Ito – who was burning in the darkness of the night.

“If you don’t do what I say, I will destroy your life.”

Threatened by such words, Ariha was forced to go out with the loka Ito. Eventually, he learns about the feelings of this seemingly perfect girl.

The pressure of being a model, conflicts with opponents, the shadow of a stalker, and hidden loneliness and “desire”.

“I should have trusted the loka more.”

“Dreams, desires, and youth, not everything is beautiful.”

Where will the youth possessed by the end up?

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02/07/23 Pas-TL v1 epilogue
02/07/23 Pas-TL v1c10
02/06/23 Pas-TL v1c9
02/05/23 Pas-TL v1c8
02/04/23 Pas-TL v1c7
02/03/23 Pas-TL v1c6
02/02/23 Pas-TL v1c5
02/01/23 Pas-TL v1c4
01/31/23 Pas-TL v1c3
01/30/23 Pas-TL v1c2
01/29/23 Pas-TL v1c1
01/28/23 Pas-TL v1 prologue
01/28/23 Pas-TL v1 illustration
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Nme101 rated it
February 22, 2023
Status: --
Here we go again.

Spineless masochistic MC gets pushed around by a female character.

He is trying to help her but she still acts like she owns him. Somehow he isn't bothered by it. He is even fascinated cos she looks "majestic".

If all of that sounds like something you want to read, go ahead otherwise move on.
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