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In this world, I created a game to feed my family.


“Line block! Disciple! Give me the line block!!”

“Killing Aerys! Are you even human to do that?!”

“Look at this! Didn’t Jim unify the continent! Jim is truly the emperor who will unify the Three Kingdoms!”

“Hahaha! Beans taste better when peeled!!”

“Gacha is a bad for civilization! It’s war!”

The world history began to flow in a strange direction.

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이세계 게임개발자
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New shadowtrap2010 rated it
June 26, 2024
Status: --
I think ppl kinda hash on this novel bit I haven't read yet so ill hold back on judging, but the author is a writer not inventor! His story is in another world so claiming invasion as his is relatively ok... if he can invented good product you think he gona be a writer?
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azuron rated it
May 15, 2024
Status: c9
This is an amazing a decent piece of work. The plot pacing is very good and the characters are very interesting.

The novel is about a game developer who reincarnates into a world of magic and when push comes to shove, he starts developing magical games to solve his school's financial troubles. The premise is similar to "The Sacred Land Is Going Bankrupt, I Invented a Mobile Phone!", "Otherworld TRPG Game Master" and so on. But the execution sets it apart from the novels of this archetype.

Writing quality and translation quality both are pretty great. I also like how this novel introduces a subtle but scathing indictment of today's hyper-monetized gaming industry. A very enjoyable read indeed. 9.6/10

... more>>

Edit: c21

Translation quality has gotten slightly downhill with mistakes in names (eg. Vin vs Bean, Zers vs Jars). This happens more than once or twice in every chapter. It's not terribly disrupting though. Theres also issue with number translation. Eg. Prize money goes from 1 billion to 100 million to 1 million. Don't know if that is translation or writing errror. Revised rating : 8.3/10 <<less
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If you know anything about creative work, this will definitely annoy you greatly.

Claiming someone else's work as their own, typical genius praise all around, s*ave driver and it only takes an all nighter to finish anything.

Everytime these creative work reincarnation appears, it's always the above. Yes it's a fine novel to read and kill time, as long as you don't think too deeply and just accept it as is.
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uchiru rated it
June 16, 2024
Status: c17
Dropping this. Honestly I like the "introducing games/culture in a fantasy world" stories but the male to female ratio of characters is annoying.

Too much emphasis and description on women and their appearance. It's horrible in terms of plausibility that MC as a game developer attracts pretty women instead of eccentric people from different ages.

Anyone who's helpful to MC must be a pretty woman even the enemy is a seductress.

Isn't there a proper cultural invasion story without authors simping on unnecessary female characters. FML
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