Alpha Trauma


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Seon Wooyeon was someone who couldn’t stand Alphas, both before and after presenting as an Omega.

The only exception was his private tutor, who happened to be not an Alpha. That’s why Wooyeon couldn’t correct him when he called him by the wrong name; it made his heart flutter too much.


“Teacher, are you going to the military?”

Four years after an unrequited first love, Wooyeon enters the same university as his teacher.

Even though he doesn’t recognize him, Wooyeon recognizes him at first sight.

Kim Dohyun.

Those three letters made his heart flutter without reason.

However, he said, “…Are you an Alpha?”

Even though he had denied it before, his first love, the teacher, was actually an Alpha.

If he had known that fact, he might not have liked him.

Now was the time to straighten out the traces of the past.

“I’m Seon Wooyeon. Seon Wooyeon.”

“Wooyeon. Your name is the same as a student I used to tutor.”

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알파 트라우마
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3 Reviews

New summers.rain
Jul 18, 2024
Status: c76
If you liked Omega Complex and came expecting a story with a "green flag" ML, stop right now.

... more>>

I took the time out of my day to read ahead the korean raws and was so incredibly disappointed and appalled that I just had to write this review. I guess they weren't kidding when they said "Alpha Trauma." Dohyun turns out to be one of his horrible mother's planted aides, someone who knew everything that was happening and lies like nobody else. Even if the author somehow manages to resolve this within the 20-ish chapters left after ch74, I just cannot see their relationship the same way anymore. I ignored their age gap and how young Wooyeon was when they first met because it seemed to be one sided and platonic, at least until Dohyun alludes to him bailing because he was catching feelings or something. But it's so much worse that he just can't be the same character from Omega Complex. If the twist was properly set up earlier, or the synopsis/tags hinted at a darker story, I wouldn't be this upset. He really embodied the stereotypical teacher in this teacher-student relationship. I feel like I've been duped. I've enjoyed more darker stories but not like this.


In short, don't trust korean bl authors lmao. <<less
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Mar 12, 2024
Status: Completed
Rewriting my entire review because holy shi this was not the story I expected.

Retracting my previous statement about Dohyun being green flag (opposite!!!!) Also the bit about this being a story of rebuilding trust and fluffy romance. It turns out the trauma was the relationship they built along the way~

But my main issue is the messed-up pacing. The author dropped the greatest conflict 75% of the way into a story, without any proper buildup, leaving me with major whiplash and an extremely rushed resolution. With an extra 10~20 chapters for... more>> a proper redemption arc this story would've been way more solid, and Dohyun could've been made into a more fully fleshed-out character whose decisions we might better empathize with.

I don't completely hate this story, but I do think readers should know that you're in for some majorly cliche yaoi chaebol drama at the very end. 'Neglected lonely rich boy' backstory was fine as-is, didn't need the convoluted melodrama from controlling mother (who... didn't speak to or meet her son for 4 years? But... also wants to keep him in a bubble, always in sight? The mother's behavior kept contradicting her supposed motivations.)

I also don't think Dohyun's true personality is consistent with what was shown in Omega Complex. Readers had major 2nd ML syndrome because he was such a green flag, not this black-bellied manipulator. Now there are some plot holes in one or both of the stories regarding his actions (the ridi comments are full of complaints about this!) I'm fine with reading about those characters, but don't retcon an existing one to do it.

What follows are huge spoilers for ch74~ending, please consider carefully if you wanna read, proceed at own risk, etc.


Dohyun was initially hired to spy on isolated/bullied 14-year-old Wooyeon, earn his trust, and report back to his mother about what was going on with him. While I do believe this was the story intended from the start, there are major storytelling issues with the way this was (n't) set up...

  • Danny also having been a spy for his mother, and Wooyeon knowing but choosing to stay friends with him anyway, wasn't revealed to readers until the exact same chapter. Wooyeon has way too much narration about his relationship with Danny for that to logically be omitted. This info would've planted the suspicion in our mind... and would've also been in Wooyeon's mind (if not back when he found out Danny, then at the very least once he realized Dohyun lied about being an alpha--which was intentional, turns out!)
  • Dohyun angst/conflict was not shown adequately. A few lines about "I'm not as good as you think, " doesn't work when they're only ever uttered in the context of s*xual tension and the implication is 'alphas are so beastly' (as in every other ABO.) We needed way more indications that he was actively hiding the truth about his background.
  • More childhood backstory needed to be brought up in the beginning or trickled throughout, not dumped at the end. It completely changes the context of Wooyeon's loneliness and neglect as a child, the trauma he is set up to have prior is downright lighthearted compared to, "my mother imprisoned me at home to hide me from the world, every aspect of my life is controlled, I have zero privacy, and have no genuine relationships with anyone I can trust."

ML's POV kind of ruined the story for me. Aside from the deception aspect, Dohyun didn't just recognize/remember him, he knew everything about him and his past, and was playing mind games the entire time. That even the Yeon-a nickname is a contrived manipulation on his part and not a cute misunderstanding is nauseating.

I expected the 'kind persona is an affectation' cliche, but the smug self-satisfaction he gets from Wooyeon's childlike adoration, knowing that this kid is lonely and desperate for affection, is just way more black-bellied than I was prepared for. It recontextualizes all their earlier flirty interactions into being about satisfying his ego instead of actually developing feelings for Wooyeon. It turns out he didn't actually start having feelings for Wooyeon until so much later in the story than I would've guessed. And finding out he was actually getting off on it and encouraging it way back when they were 14-15 and 18-19 makes this feel 100x more groomer-y (NOT helped by how many times in the side stories smut Dohyun describes his body and mannerisms as being childish, I got the ick ngl.)

I can't root for a relationship where the ML was maybe going to deceive him indefinitely if he hadn't been caught? This whole thing would've been so different if at the halfway point, prior to the "I like you" he had confessed. Or before they had s*x. Or instead of rushing to A-mother to ask her not to tell Wooyeon before he did, he could have spent that time telling him.

Even his apologies feel so self-centered, and it's written as if we're supposed to blame the mother for revealing it, when prior to that he had so. many. opportunities. to. I'm pretty sure Wooyeon ended up apologizing more for misunderstanding that he was dating him under her orders and still reporting to her (a reasonable fear!! And what a terrifying one to have!!) than Doyun apologized for the years he actually spent reporting to her and the months since reuniting he spent lying to him.

The forgiveness was so rushed, and came way too soon. It felt like the author wanted to take a shortcut by using the "orphan has trust issues that make him kinda sociopathic" cliche to brush everything off. You'd think for how realistically devastated Wooyeon was shown to be, the author would take more than a couple of days of Dohyun harassing him to cave, but... nope! I would say it feels really inconsistent with how strong-willed Wooyeon has been up until that point, but I guess it is pretty consistent with someone who's been manipulated so heavily by ML since the age of fourteen.


tl;dr: Spent the first 3/4th loving ML and the last 1/4th hating him. The opposite of every other yaoi, so innovative! Problem is, it's still supposed to be a HEA. Personally I'd recommend waiting for the comic, that artist is amazing and tbh I think she improved Omega Complex from the novel. <<less
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Apr 15, 2024
Status: Completed
My Korean is not the best, so I may have missed a few nuances while reading, but overall, I really enjoyed this story and felt like it was more plot-heavy as compared to Omega Complex. A lot of the story picks up in the second half, so I would consider this a relatively slower burn despite Dohyun and Wooyeon flirting around each other since the first few chapters. I'm also a sucker for drama, and the conflict between Dohyun, Wooyeon, and Wooyeon's mother definitely delivers. Although it was a little... more>> cliche, I was unashamedly here for it. And while I overall like the ending and how everything played out, I think the resolution between Dohyun and Wooyeon could have been approached a little differently. There are a few plotholes here and there (which could honestly be because my Korean comprehension isn't 100%) but nothing horrifically glaring, in my opinion. I enjoyed the story and am counting down the days until we get webtoon information (weep). <<less
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