After the Engagement Was Annulled, I Married a Boss From Shiwen


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Xia Shaodong had had enough of being a corporate drone and was preparing to resign and return to her hometown for retirement. But to her surprise, when she opened her eyes, she found herself transported back to the 1960s, a time of scarcity, where she was even bestowed with a green hat. Upon traveling all the way to Kanto, she discovered that her fiancé had already married someone else locally, and they had two children.

To prevent the situation from escalating, her fiancé’s family promptly arranged a marriage for her. The groom was tall, handsome, and had a relative who was a leader in a large factory, which caught Xia Shao’s eye.

What her fiancé’s family didn’t mention was that this man was cold, sharp, and idle, known as a loafer in their hometown. Xia Shaodong not only had to do the laundry and cooking but also had to earn money to support the family, with hard times ahead.

What Xia Shaodong didn’t mention was that before she time-traveled, she had read a novel where the wealthy tycoon highly respected by the male protagonist happened to be her new husband. Furthermore, the country’s eldest son had not yet aged, and the land was rich in resources with factories everywhere, brimming with opportunities. By marrying him, she would have a stable job without overtime, with better days ahead.

What Xia Shaodong hadn’t expected was that her workplace wouldn’t require her to work overtime at night, and her wealthy husband would yield to her.

When the man, with cold eyes and a hoarse voice, tried to persuade her to endure a little longer, she couldn’t help but ask:

What happened to the promised wealth and the reluctance to return home?
What happened to the workaholic without worldly desires?!

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New Eeria rated it
May 11, 2024
Status: Completed
I quite like the novel. It's a slice of life, a bit of rags to riches but not much and a bit of romance. The story is well written. There is no melodrama, just a bit of drama, mainly family. No love rival.
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hy-d-ra rated it
March 27, 2024
Status: Completed
Umm.. Looking at the ratings I couldn't figure out what people were dissatisfied with. I always thought that you have to really be pissed off to give a novel 1 star. Personally, I didn't find this novel bad. For a peaceful story from 60-70'ss with few ups and downs the novel did a good job. But even if you had different expectations this novel is not badly written or contains only one brain cell.

To make my point clear let me explain a little bit about it.
Xia Shao lands in 60's to become a cannon fodder character. She knows the fate of her character pretty well, but it doesn't mean it will be her own fate. Seeing that the Li family backed off on the engagement and didn't care about ruining Xia Shao's future by making her an old girl, Xia Shao actually had no way out. Going back to the village is not an option, but getting married is. Don't look at it that she had an option, times did not allow her to have an option, her physical condition did not allow her to have an option as well. Here she is introduced to Chen Jibei, others know him for his cold character, being taciturn and that he is a trouble-maker who knows nothing and has no prospects in his life and career, but she knows that he will become a big boss. Of course it sounds like she wants to lie back and enjoy what her marriage brought her, but it's not true. Xia Shao is actually a pretty hard-working individual, plus the times she traveled too were quite special and she knew it would be more convenient to work herself. This is how they started their relationship, which was more of a cooperation because two of them got what they needed from this marriage, but this developed into deep love.
This is like a period drama from 60-70'ss, with a lot of family time, a bit of drama here and there, but nothing overbearing that would keep you on tenterhooks. I'd say it's a pretty calm story with daily life and love between two individuals, a family story.

Who are our characters?
Xia Shao was a simple worker, she wanted to retire and go back to her hometown, now she travels to the past and times are different, but her experience in baking actually helped her to hold on in these times. She entered the food factory and she climbed the career ladder all the way from a simple worker to factory director. You can say that her knowing some popular snacks from modern times indeed helped her to move around like a golden finger, but she's not without her own talents and hard work., for example she starts very fast at any given task and has a skill os weighing things to precision without weights. She was pretty okay with not being like many traveling protagonists, meaning becoming a really big hit business person, for her it was enough to utilize her talent in baking and having experience. Her becoming factory director is pretty enviable.
Chen Jibei was a pretty closed off person before he and Xia Shao became a couple. You could say he had a rough childhood (with stepmother you'll have a stepfather), but he was smart and used his wits to be finally "thrown" to his cousine as a burden to help him get a job (in other words his family got rid of him), this cousin owed his biological mother a life-saving grace, so he didn't mind paying the favor in such a way. Jibei lived a simple life and no one could tell what was on his mind. He looked sharp and hard to get along with. Many bad rumors surrounded him (that he was bad at his job, that he fought people etc.). Xia Shao actually knew pretty soon that all that cold facade covers up a kind heart, heart that exists for people he cares about. She knew that he was a reliable person. He comes the same way from nobody, to a master of his own craft, to changing profession (when the business was again opened up) and becoming successful with only big difference that now he had a family.
What about the family drama?
Because it's a novel about such a period it mainly concentrates on family matters and usually such novels are filled with characters, this novel is not an exception. Few examples: Xia family (FL) Xia mother before being taken away by Xia Shao was a traditional woman who doesn't say a word in the house of her eldest son. Eldest son was the one who sold original Xia Shao after she became an old girl, just because he didn't want to pay back the money he owed. He also suppressed everyone with his seniority. Xia Wanhui is the youngest son and Xia Shao helped him choose a path suitable for him, become a soldier. You can imagine each of these characters will get their screen time. Because families will grow in progression. Chen family (ML) has a father, who cares nothing about this son from the first marriage (there was a long "mystery" surrounding his mother and they figure things out at the very end of the novel), stepmother, obviously, step-brother who caused him to be misunderstood many times and another half-brother. Jibei was smart enough to pretend for him to be sent away and then he finally started some resemblance of career before he got married. There is also the Li family who defaulted on engagement, there will be a bit about their family situation. So you can guess it's a small terrarium with friends, collegues, masters, family members and a bunch of jealous people. Although I admit, some characters I'd love to hear their conclusion of some sort, because this novel covers a huge span starting from 60-s and enters 80-s by the end of it and many people appeared. Most of it was mentioned (of course mostly those are happy stories despite the troubled times), but some were left out, which was a bit of a bummer. But honestly I wouldn't call what happens in the story exciting, it has its' own ups and downs, but they don't feel that threatening (considering the period it described), there is no feeling of big suspence.
What about romance?
Both start from a normal relationship, before they slowly open up to each other. But not in a common sense. Jibei usually is a man of few words, but is a man of action. And he stays the same, but just his sharp edges were polished with the accumulation of love and having his own family. They are a good couple, they support each other in their beginnings, they trust each other and they understand each other. Xia Shao might be a bit shallow at first, she sees Jibei's handsomeness, but is also really attracted to his character of being caring and reliable.

What is the possible point of dissatisfaction? I may not agree with the length of it. Funnily the final part passed quicker and it had a feeling of "let's get over with it". Because it's a simple story it's just a life trajectory and not some concrete destination (like you know some novels have a certain "goal" set at the beginning, here we know it's just a family story). Some characters did not get their conclusion or it felt a bit shallow. Because of its' peacefullness it may indeed feel a bit shallow btw, so keep it in mind. In general for what it is it was quite fine.
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