After the Ending, the Magical Girl Earnestly Hides Her True Identity


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“Sorry! ……I am…not a little girl anymore……!”

Reincarnating into another world, she spent 16 years saving the world…as a magical girl. After becoming 26 years old, the former magical girl, Mitsukasa Michi gave a sideward glance to her comrades who were being lauded as heroes, while she alone hid her true identity and lived a normal life as a teacher at a school for people with supernatural talents. If she desired it, she could have status and fame and money in her grasp. However, she had a reason that ab~solutely forced her to hide her true identity…

This is a unusual modern day fantasy about an adult woman, who cannot reveal herself as a magical girl, unconsciously raising flags with her former ikemen comrades, young male colleagues that she has friendly relations with, as well as beautiful female students, all while desperately trying to conceal her true identity.

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The Mahou Shoujo Covers Up Her True Identity After the Ending
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10/31/18 Kiriko Translations v3 epilogue
10/31/18 Kiriko Translations v3c6
10/31/18 Kiriko Translations v3c5
10/31/18 Kiriko Translations v3c4
10/31/18 Kiriko Translations v3c3
10/31/18 Kiriko Translations v3c2
10/31/18 Kiriko Translations v3c1
02/16/18 Kiriko Translations v2c5
02/16/18 Kiriko Translations v2c4
02/16/18 Kiriko Translations v2c3
02/16/18 Kiriko Translations v2c2
02/16/18 Kiriko Translations v2c1
12/25/17 Kiriko Translations v1c5
12/25/17 Kiriko Translations v1c4
12/25/17 Kiriko Translations v1c3
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March 23, 2018
Status: v2c5
I guess I'll try to write some sort of review, since no one's made one so far...

The premise goes as follows:
... more>>

The modern world got swarmed by beings from Otherwold, demons, led by the so-called Demon King. The god chose 7 people and granted them power to save the world – and so they did. Due to the influence of the demons and the war as a whole, humanity came to know the existence of magic and ESP (extrasensory perception, espers and such, you know).

So, in a (relatively) peaceful time, our main character works as teacher for magic in a school for ESPers and magicians, while desperately (lol) trying to hide her identity as a former hero.

The novel consists of short arcs that seem to follow a certain pattern: slice-of-life-ish daily life of MC with a glimpse of backstory and world-building, which is followed by some threat that MC easily deals with using her Magical Girl power. It's rather light so far, but some of the bigger parts of the plot are foreshadowed, such as politics and the possible demon threat.

So far, there aren't that many translated chapters, but if you want a simple comedic novel with just the right amount of plot, then you probably should give this a try.
Honestly, it looks promising enough, so I'm looking forward for it. <<less
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YoriMei rated it
January 13, 2020
Status: v3 epilogue
Reading wise, it’s an ok read but I truly do love the gimmick this story has! A magical girl whose all grown up but forced to wear her old “8year old”-esque costume if she wants to use her powers is fantastic. Unfortunately the plot has yet to truly form, and quite honestly for a teacher whose dead set on letting no one know, she ends up revealing it to a lot of people...

overall, since only 3 volumes of the 48 were translated, the plot has yet to develop but the... more>> ones that are available are decent to pass time with. <<less
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MyRAMEN rated it
July 3, 2018
Status: c4
Its nicely written however the background info is super confusing. At the start she was a hero than became a person who faked her death and disguising herself as a teen. Then all of a sudden shes a adult and a teacher. Plus other stuff inbetween that makes it realy hard to follow along the story.
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