After Rebirth: What Should I Do if My Boyfriend Has a Boyfriend?


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One day, Jiang Yi was sleeping soundly in his boyfriend’s embrace. When he woke up the next day, he was suddenly back in his dad’s home. ‘Why do I look so young?’

Dad: “Jiang Yi, your college entrance exam is coming soon.”

Jiang Yi: “…”

Jiang Yi felt that things couldn’t be worse than this, but God gave him another shock—his boyfriend now had another boyfriend…

Jiang Yi: “…”

Jiang Yi’s love rival, Chu Jia Ri: “What do you want to do?”

Jiang Yi: “…” What can I do if my boyfriend is still the one I’ve been lusting after for a long time? I’m desperate, too.

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Chiaroscuro rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Overall I think the writing is great, plot is good, characterization a bit lacking 4.5 stars rounded to 5.

I didn't expect the quiet ache creeping. A bit melancholic and wistful, but all is well. Click for spoiler to know the end

... more>>

Yes, MC will end up with his previous-world boyfriend. They are fabulous together


First of all, don't take this novel seriously, because what kind of jerk made moves to someone with boyfriend. After I got over my annoyance because it's quickly revealed that


Chu chuan and chu jiari have contract to "try a relationship for two months and CC didn't really like his childhood friend

but even so, respect a relationship and wait till it ended to make a move. Don't be a homewrecker y'all.

It's shocking how the author's words lulls and plays me as a reader. I didn't expect the depth. I thought it will be some short fluffy mindless thing but I was wrong.

MC. Boy he thirsty someone give him holy water pls. He's shameless, but also the "past" kind of made him melancholic. Just a bit. He's silly and tenacious. My heart ache for the things that didn't happen. Also he's not mature at all so if you expect him to behave like a responsible 30 yo adult then don't LOL (i think even the 30 yo him wasn't mature lol)

ML is your usual cold handsome ML. This ML I feel a bit generic and lack characterization compared to MC. His "past" characterization is more interesting maybe because there wasn't much dynamic in the current storyline.

Chu jiari

he's also reincarnated and took advantage of MC's bombed exam, reincarnated earlier. I suppose he give me a feeling of tsundere. Arrogant with crow mouth but sincere with his feeling


The side characters are quite distinct despite the heavy focus of the couple. It's just I feel that CJR's character stunted to give the novel a "villain" when in fact

in previous and this life they kind of being antagonistic to each other but like, in cat and dog way


Good things:


18 yo MC later transmigrated to 30 yo MC and all is well

MC's father is supportive

The girl who like CC actually respect them (she knows they're prolly gay, JY like CC and CC didn't like her) and didn't make herself to be another villain.


If you're looking for smut, it's in the extras maybe? I didn't find any even in the extras, maybe it's cut in the great purge lol. <<less
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