After Losing My Memory, My Husband Begged Me to Love Him Again


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Gu Wan had liked Lu Yu for many years. In between, Gu Wan accompanied him in his down and out times, accompanied him in his efforts, accompanied him in his comeback, just like a dog that would never abandon its owner.

Back on top again, Lu Yu was very satisfied with Gu Wan.

Although there was no love between them, they could just live together respectfully for a lifetime.

Until later, Gu Wan got into a car accident and lost her memory.

Then for the rest of her life, she was never able to remember again.

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evanesco99211 rated it
November 29, 2023
Status: --
This is amazing! Some people only realize the treasure they have once they lose it. I hope she never got her memory back, divorced her husband, and be with someone who treasured her (preferably not Lu Yu). I loved how tortured Lu Yu is with every single normal thing she does. Once she forgot Lu Yu and her feelings for him, she literally had no expectations from him so she never went out of her way to try to spend more time with him or ask anything from him which... more>> kills him slowly on the inside. Hehehe... I enjoy this so much... <<less
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milkywaylover3 rated it
January 17, 2024
Status: Completed
I managed to find the novel and mtl from beginning to end and all I can say is this: do not waste your time. Like the ending is honestly not satisfying at all and I wish that I can get my time back from reading this. There are just some parts in the novel that kind of had me questioning the female lead because she was introduced as someone who was sensitive to others emotion, barely had any attachments, and a "reasonable" person. Instead, the author creates the most selfish... more>> FL I have honestly ever seen under the excuse that she has no attachments and is "reasonable" due to her tragic past. Like there were moments that I was like damn this lady is so rude and flimsy.

She becomes interested in a celebrity and literally tells the ML (her husband) that she wants to 'chase' the celebrity. Like she just does it on a whim and obviously the ML panics, but he lets her because he knows she is going to lose interest. And guess what, she does! After seeing the celebrity acting bratty, she starts to lose interest and the nail in the coffin was when one of the celebrity's ex-lovers comes by (its implied her husband arranges it) and kisses him. Afterwards, she full on ghosts the dude with no explanation even though she showed "interest" in the beginning.


Also spoilers for the ending to show how disappointing it is:

It's literally an open ending and not even a hopeful one. Like literally no one is happy. At this point the ML is madly in love with her and the FL is just empty straight up. She just travels to fill the void and make her feel happy, but it literally does not help. Anyways, it ends with them being in the Taoist temple that she was at in the beginning and she hasn't gained her memory back. It's been a whole year and she legit does not care for the ML. He's just there (ig that's karma on him since he acted like that with her). The ML at this point realizes that he is too late and he lost the wife that he loved and will probably never get her back so he needs to decide whether he should wait or leave. He initially thinks of leaving, but then he full on decides to wait for her to love him back or regain her memories. A few days after their visit to the temple, she leaves again to travel while he stays back in their home waiting for her. Like honestly this is just not a happy ending because both are miserable. Like I usually don't mind if the ML is miserable, but even the FL is miserable because she literally cannot make emotional connections with other people and is just a void. Like she really needs therapy from what I have read.


Anyways I think that the author just full on gave up on the novel, that's why it was choppy and just abruptly ended with such a bad ending. Like if the author wanted, they could have fully developed it and it wouldn't have been so bad. Anyways I gave this a 2 star just because it started nicely and then fell off from there. Honestly do not waste your time reading this. <<less
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Demonqueen26 rated it
November 30, 2023
Status: c11
I'm on Chapter 11. So far it's pretty good. ML ignore FL and treats her coldly. After a car accident the FL loses her memories of ML and her life with him. Soon ML starts realizing that he had neglected something special. I want to read more to see where this is going. We can already see changes in ML. If there is one thing I enjoy it's characters with actual development.
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fleurqv rated it
November 28, 2023
Status: c13
ok actual review now that ive gotten this far. So at first I thought ML was a jerk for neglecting her but it seems that he did make an effort to be there and not just ghost her literally. Still a jerk though. I've finally gotten a grasp of what the story is gonna be (i can smell ml's groveling, heck, it has already started at ch12) although it's a bit shitty of him to hold onto FL after she lost interest in him, which just shows how much he... more>> thinks the world revolves around him and doesnt think much of fl's affection, since there were some narratives where it said he couldnt believe she's acting like she is currently as of chapter 13, but I think it'd be a real fun ride to see him regretting cus FL IS NOT BACKING DOWNN she talks back, stands up for herself, and knows her worth. It is kind of weird however how before she lost her memory she was so head over heels for him because it seems like she isn't the type of person to do that. Maybe there are some more story to it and I'm excited!! I love it already. Thank you translator team for always giving us updates almost everyday love you guys

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