After Losing His Memory, He Went on a Love Travel Variety Show with the Film Emperor [Entertainment Circle]


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One morning, Yan Qing woke up with Temporary Amnesia and discovered he unexpectedly gained a husband five years later.

His husband, Wen JueLi, is renowned as the Triple Golden Nation-International Film Emperor. He is outstandingly handsome and reserved with a massive fan following online.

Meanwhile, Yan Qing is just an unknown newbie in the Film Industry.

News about their engagement resurfaced on the internet, causing rabid Anti-fans to come after him. Not only that, he was also invited to a Love Variety Show with his husband, which he thinks is a bad idea.

“A variety show? No, I won’t go.” Yan Qing

‘For heaven’s sake, I’m just an 18-year-old innocent boy, why would I want to participate in a Love Variety Show?’

However, he is bound by the company’s contract. If he doesn’t participate, he’ll have to pay the penalty. The “18-year-old” pure and innocent boy can only grit his teeth, left with no choice but to participate.

[Passionate Self-Imagined Sunshine Bottom X Cold and Reserved All-Around Top] Tips: 1v1, both first loves, a little sweet treat

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3 Reviews

Oct 21, 2023
Status: Completed
First off, please go read the novel, it's a fun read. Don't let me dissuade you from reading it.

MC and ML are adorable and it's a good light read to pass the time with.

With that said,

... more>> I'm??? So mad???

This novel was actually really enjoyable and I shipped the MC and ML hard, but what was that ending?!

The ending was so rushed I just wanted to punch something.

I was already worried when by Chapter 42 everything seemed to be unfolding, but there were too many aspects to resolve with only 3 chapters left.

Sure, everything was answered in the end but it was so rushed and perfunctory it wasn't satisfying at all!

There isn't even any extras to ease that ending!

I'm only this mad because I really enjoyed the novel! It had such a good potential and—

Whoosh! Everything down the drain! <<less
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Dec 08, 2023
Status: c43
Okay, wow, did not expect that...

The story was great until the last chapter. There is another reviewer here that said it and I agree completely: the ending was rushed. Very, very rushed. It all ended in a chapter. All the supposed "loose ends" were taken care of, while leaving so many questions unanswered.

... more>>

The MC got his memories from his life before the head injury by getting a second head injury. But the last six months were missing. So he feels put off by ML treatment of him and has an internal stuggle that last a couple of chapters. Then the MC gets the missing memories, this of his time spent during the reality show, by suddenly fainting. The readers only know this happened because the MC says it happened during when he goes to ML house to "confront" him about ML not looking for him. Like what is happening? Then it's confusing because there is a recording of ML grandfather admitting he was the reason MC wasn't doing too good. I know this is the reason why they fought but I don't know why the old man would do that. It wasn't explained, like why would a marriage between these two would benefit the family.


There are other plotholes that never get an answer and like I said, how MC gets his memories and resolves his internal conflict is very rushed. We don't get to see him dealing with these newfound feelings, or having to interact with ML who loves him, which I think would have made this story better. But every story needs an ending. Still a good read. <<less
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Jan 22, 2024
Status: Completed
Cold ML x Sunshine MC. The link here doesn't work (404 not found) so I read one from KnoxT. Cute novel but very rushed ending. I was invested in the relationship between ML and MC then boom! Here come the ending~ The last chapter made me really confused with many questions left unanswered.
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