After Escaping Marriage, She Intrudes into the Dominance of the Tycoon


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A runaway bride, she disguised herself from the richest young miss in the beautiful seaside city into a vulgar, ugly country bumpkin.

On the very first day in the capital city, she provoked Huo YuChen, the heir of the foremost family in the capital. He was a man people shuddered to hear of, known as the Living King of Hell, who did not recognize familial bonds and was cold-blooded, merciless, resolute and ruthless.

He married her just to annoy his father. Everyone in the capital knew he married an ugly wife, not knowing she was as beautiful as a heavenly fairy without her disguise.

Her married life was full of ups and downs. Not only did she have to face an icy face every day, she also had to conceal her identity at all times. She wanted a divorce, to free herself from this man, every single day.

One day, when her identity was exposed, she fled. He panicked and went mad looking for her all over the world…

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