After Cinderella’s Spell is Broken


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I was born and have never been loved. So I was curious about what it feels like to be loved.

“Your Highness, please love me for just one year.”

I asked him to fall under a spell that would make him love me for just one year.
In return, I would give him information that could change his future.

“I can see the future through foresight.”

I didn’t bother to mention that the price was my own lifespan.
Anyway, I wasn’t planning to live long.

“I accept that proposal.”

So I married him, and 11 months passed.
There was less than a month left. My lifespan, and his love.

“The contract will end soon.”
“……I see.”
“Don’t worry. The spell will definitely be broken.”
“That’s not what I’m worried about. Let’s talk about this later.”

But that ‘later’ never came.
For some reason, the spell broke early, and I had to prepare to leave.

[Thank you for everything.]

I thought everything would be settled by leaving a letter and departing from his side.
He wouldn’t want to see the face of a woman he was forced to love, even for the last time.

But a week later, an unbelievable rumor reached my ears.

He was looking for me.

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신데렐라의 마법이 풀린 후
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