After Being Moved to Tears by the Sworn Enemy’s Pheromones


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“In this story, the aloof and proud alpha (Gu Yu) deeply falls for the shameless and pitiful omega (Shen Jin), who appears strong but hides a secret tendency to cry. Shen Jin, an omega, lived 20 years without bothering to pretend to be an alpha, facing constant gossip about his status. Enter Gu Yu, the high-and-mighty alpha who, despite his reluctance for romance, finds himself uncontrollably drawn to Shen Jin’s pheromones. Despite their high school feud, they reunite in college, discovering intense reactions to each other’s pheromones. Shen Jin, blushing and weak-kneed, pleads with Gu Yu not to push him away. Gu Yu, conflicted but compassionate, promises not to make him cry. The rivalry takes unexpected turns, and the story explores their complex relationship.”

# What to do when the sworn enemy omega ends up in tears?
# Some intimate encounters may occur in the first half of the story.
# Shen Jin, the omega, is lively and energetic, but often treated with silence by the assertive Gu Yu.

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