Addicted To His Pheromone


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Jiang Can is a female A and a hardcore coffee lover.

As the proprietress of a coffee shop, Jiang Can not only likes to be surrounded by the smell of coffee, but also likes to stare at lawyer Yan who comes to her shop every day for coffee.

When speaking, a cold gentleman, pretending to be an A, deceived everyone with the inhibitor. But Jiang Can, who is extremely sensitive to the taste of coffee, knows that when he speaks, it is a very strong cappuccino O, the kind that is fragrant and milky.

Yan Shi always felt that he was well hidden until one day…

Jiang Can: “Attorney Yan, do you know that I have always wanted to have a baby of my own.”

Yan Shi: “You are an A, and you don’t have the ability to have children.”

Jiang Can: “But, you have…”

When she spoke, he was shocked.jpg

The cappuccino lawyer O who loves to pretend to be A

Hardcore coffee-loving female boss A

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2 Reviews

Jun 18, 2022
Status: Completed
3.5 stars

The first half of the story is cute and the romance is good enough. The misunderstandings are valid considering the tendencies of a normal person (e.g. Trust issues, selfishness). However, the resolution of the emotional conflict between characters did not follow the same 'logic' which makes the first and second half somewhat detached from each other. The resolutions did not match the gravity of the wrongdoings. It's still an ok read though. It's something you can binge-read.
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Aug 10, 2023
Status: c68
Dropped it!!! Till 40~50 chapters it was good, the development was good as well, later the misunderstanding was definetely valid. But, what the hell, where did the personality of A vanished. It's like reading to different stories, way different personality as well. The chapters were shorter and everything was going on so fast. The child wasn't mentioned too much either. The abo world building wasn't well too.

For someone who loved there o so much, she didn't even try to contact people near him or just simply investige. The o too,... more>> like they permanently marked each other, shouldn't that also have some physical reactions on him the gestation also needs alpha pheromones. The story just became very disconnected.

I was really looking forward too it😢

'the geeky girl A' s daily life ' this female a and male o novel has superb world building and its one of my fav too. The characters are good too. Especially when the Ao family envy the beta family. <<less
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