Ace of Diamond: Return of the Pitcher


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Sawamura Eijun, a Relief Pitcher in the Pro League after 10 years of hard work and still couldn’t achieve his dreams, woke up back at the time of his youth. Can he achieve his dreams this time?

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Ace of Diamond: The Pitcher's Return
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Date Group Release
04/15/24 Cold_Colt v2c54
04/15/24 Cold_Colt v2c53
04/15/24 Cold_Colt v2c52
04/14/24 Cold_Colt v2c51
04/14/24 Cold_Colt v2c50
04/14/24 Cold_Colt v2c49
04/13/24 Cold_Colt v2c48
04/13/24 Cold_Colt v2c47
04/13/24 Cold_Colt v2c46
04/12/24 Cold_Colt v2c45
04/12/24 Cold_Colt v2c44
04/12/24 Cold_Colt v2c43
04/11/24 Cold_Colt v2c42
04/11/24 Cold_Colt v2c41
04/11/24 Cold_Colt v2c40
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