About the Beautiful World You Were in and the Beautiful World You Are Not In


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“Reset” the world and come see me again.

One spring day, just before I graduated from high school, I received an unexpected letter from you. It said that in order to reset, I had to find the most beautiful thing in the world.

Clinging to a ray of hope, I set out on a journey to find you again.

My companion on this journey is a mysterious cat-headed man named Crescent. As he leads me, I search for clues to the “reset” and travel to places that remind me of you.

The school building where we spent time together.
The mysterious coffee shop we visited on our first date.
The tree-lined avenue in the park where the illumination shines.

In this way, I reach the secret of “Reset” and you once again.

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Kimi ga ita Utsukushii Sekai to Kimi no Inai Utsukushii Sekai no Koto
The Beautiful World That You Were In And The Beautiful World That You Are Not In
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