A Tyrant Husband Has Come To See Me


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The Northern Wolf, the tyrant Duke Caldrix, has been chasing his runaway wife for seven years

Until one day, he falls from a horse in a remote forest.

He is rescued by the woman he has been searching for, Ella.

“You are……!”

“Are you awake? What’s your name?”

But she couldn’t remember him due to her amnesia. Not his past words nor his harsh actions.

“I can start over with her.”

Caldrix agrees to stay at her cabin, keeping his identity hidden, in hopes of repairing a relationship that has left him with nothing but regret…….

“Fortunately, you’ve regained consciousness, so I can get the medical expenses paid.”

“Would you like to starve yourself first so you don’t do anything foolish?”

‘I can’t believe I’m going to get medical expenses from her…… . Ella…… are you going to starve me? ’

She seems not only to have lost her memories but also her personality.

Who knows what will happen from now on?

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My Tyrant Husband Has Come to See Me
후회하는 폭군 남편이 찾아왔습니다
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New Buyyfrdxrr rated it
June 28, 2024
Status: --
It’s funny every time ML calls a small child names, how can a small child be to blame in such a situation, only ML is to blame, but for some reason he is in no hurry to admit it, it’s very interesting what happened to FL memory, perhaps that day, when she wanted to say something to ML, she wanted to tell the news about her pregnancy😃I liked the translation of the novella, you are my best translators
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Allister rated it
June 4, 2024
Status: c3 part4
Plot-wise is fine for now. As it is amnesia, it's fairly easy to build from there as long we get some explanation later as to how and why.

About characters...

The ML is tr*sh. Neglect and lies/manipulation are utterly disgusting for me. Especially against someone like a friend or partner. Also, jealousy is ridiculous, more so after being tr*sh to the person.

I feel like I would love to tell him "With what right you act like this?" even if it means my head being chopped off right after, which would be entirely... more>> possible considering his personality.

The FL and her kid are fine, their interactions are alright too, most of the time. I'm just a bit annoyed at how lenient or blind she is to some things the ML is doing, because she's not s*upid. The kid in that sense seems to be at least a bit more observant.

It's weird for me, that she dissapeared for so long without a trace and now nobody's looking for him either though. I mean, it's the lord after all. How long can it take to find someone in a forest if you make a proper search party?

I hope this doesn't get dropped, but I also hope that the ML improves that shitty personality. Regardless of how hot he supposedly is, he's unrecyclable tr*sh.

I'm not a fan of forgiving neglect trope without proper apologies and actions that support the idea of REAL change.

For how this is going it smells like she will forgive him and be fine with it even if the change is minimal like breadcrumbs. If it goes like that I will get VERY annoyed. I had enough of that with other series.

The translation, as usual from this team, no complaints at all in terms of the job.

Now, the reason why I gave it 3 stars:

4 for me is somethig that's well built+written and the characters interactions are enjoyable or realistic enough to let annoying things pass until it gets better.

My issue here is that realistically, no matter how hot the guy is, a smart person would kick him out when it's clear that he can move fine enough.

The rest of the treatment could be done just visiting or sending someone to fetch the medicine if all she wants is money.

Of course, I can understand she explained it to herself as trying to use him as a guinea pig and money bag but it could be done with him far from the house.

For what she knows, the guy is too strong for a woman with a kid if he gets handsy or violent. She thinks he's a cheater too, so all the more reason to kick him out.

Sure, the guy acts fine enough as a decent human being in front of her, but it wouldn't take much to notice it doesn't come from kindness. The kid knows this and again, she isn't s*upid.

The plot could continue in many ways without using our suspension of disbelief or making her act dumb to achieve the goal.

So, for me that really drops the quality. I would give a 2 if it wasn't for the TL team's effort. <<less
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