A Toxic 20-Year-Old Game Streamer Accidentally Reveals His Nice Personality Because He Forgot to End the Stream


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“What happened today is a secret between us, okay?”

Nakayama Haruto is a gaming commentator known for his toxicity as the streamer ‘Oni-chan’. After finishing his usual streaming session, Haruto accidentally forgot to end the stream. As a result, his secret life as a streamer working to support his younger sister’s education and living expenses is exposed. Furthermore, it’s also revealed that he meticulously prepares scripts to provoke others, all while being, in reality, a genuinely nice person!

To make matters more complicated, during a livestream by the popular VTuber and professional gamer, Ayaya (aka Shirayuki Aya), Haruto unintentionally reveals his true personality once again. Unexpectedly, this led to them growing closer to each other as they continued to play games and go on outings together.

Thus begins a one-on-one romantic comedy between the business-minded toxic streamer and the popular VTuber heroine!

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Provocative-Style Game Streamer (20 years old) Accidentally Reveals His Kind Personality Due To Forgetting To End The Stream. (Web Novel)
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New dralex rated it
February 16, 2024
Status: v1 illustrations
Two relatively important tags were missing - dense protagonist and love triangle. [Already added]

Maybe it's a good thing, because I wouldn't have read it, because despite the presence of them, it was a pleasure only slightly overshadowed by the cringe.

Nice pace of action, unnecessary confusion with third parties and related misunderstandings. The fact that the main character is aware of what FL is doing almost from the very beginning, but behaves as if he didn't know about it, is irritating.

Nevertheless, a quite enjoyable read that I can recommend. But it... more>> is possible to live happily without knowing it. <<less
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451ACE rated it
December 19, 2023
Status: v1c4
Well, it’s cute and not all too cliché, even though some common trope are there, it’s still is enjoyable. The concept of having two online persona meeting each other irl is quite amusing since it’s rarely use.

Personally, it is good, not much critique, but may change my view down the line. Depends on how the author articulate the story of course. Oh, and thanks for the story author-san and you too translator-san for making it possible for us to read!
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reviwig rated it
December 27, 2023
Status: c35
I've read the web novel up to chapter 35, which I guess would correspond to volume 2 chapter 2/3, if it eventually comes out.

To make it brief, I couldn't stop smiling throughout the first chapters. After that, eh.

The first 3/4 of volume 1 are definitely the most interesting. Clearing the initial misunderstandings related to the characters' online personas this early would not be a problem, if there was something that follows right after, that is. However, I feel like the story really loses its steam afterwards, and that it is... more>> little by little becoming another run-of-the-mill romcom from that point on.

The tag is missing at the moment, but at any rate


it will be a harem with +3 characters


It wouldn't be a problem normally, if it wasn't diluting the only interesting relationship.

As for the characters, the ML is interesting, the FML is not bad either. The sister is... ugh, look, I enjoy little sister characters as much as the next person, but she definitely is a little bland, and I fail to see anything that would make her stand out from other characters in the genre.

As for the rest of the cast, and whoever the author decides to add next... they will (hopefully) be fleshed out later on, but they really are not compelling at the moment. <<less
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