A Toolmaker Reincarnation~ I Told You to Reincarnate Me in a Tool Shop, Not as a Tool Shop (Building)~


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I was killed by a virus that a god dropped on the earth. At that god’s arrangement, I’m going to be reincarnated into another world! Now then, what should I ask from this god? Becoming a hero? A cool sword? Magic? I don’t want those kinds of stuff! It’s fun to read or watch those battle scenes, but it’s definitely going to be hellish to do it yourself! All I wanted was a  well-paying job with a moderate 3-4 hours of work a day. But… Goddamnit. He didn’t make me a tool shop’s owner, he made me a tool shop (building)!

In a forest where no one comes, I (A building) am alone… Will I really be able to live the slow life in another world I want?!

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04/06/22 Foxaholic c6
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Anatolito rated it
March 14, 2022
Status: c4
I don't know where this will go, but it's so funny 😂

And out of the blue and refreshing isekai : the MC reincarnates in a carpenter building. Yes, a HOUSE

Even though the plot it seems plain, you will be surprised by how it is captivating.

I like it so far 👍

(my english isn't very good... Sorry 😅)
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Gigz rated it
August 25, 2022
Status: c6
Eh? What the hell is this?

This feels like a template for every reincarnation/isekai ever.

It hardly does anything to capitalize on a seemingly unique concept.

You can probably just ignore the "Toolmaker" part entirely. In the 6 chapters this story has, there are no tools to be made.

The MC becomes a building, but it almost feels pointless, because ... more>>

he immediately has the ability to control a divine avatar (basically a human) for a period of time using mana. He then is able to level up JUST BY existing as a human to burn up his mana. Yeah, no tool-making involved whatsoever. ANd hardly any emphasis on the fact he's supposed to be a goddamn building.


And in every isekai cliche ever there's

the classic princess/old man knight running from assassins to find the MC vibing in a super deadly forest.


And apparently in this interaction,

MC just happens to have random stuff like energy drinks and tasty apples from his hospital bed before his reincarnation. Because MC is classic pacifist protagonist, he gives them to the princess/knight and they gasp at the wonders of technologies... of a f*cking bottle cap. They call the bottle cap a "tool", and this is the one tool he has, I guess. Oh and they also go full Food Wars because apparently apples aren't supposed to be so red and delicious. Haha.


Oh, and there's one instance of combat in these 6 chapters. After this combat the story ends.

The dumb assassins or whatever find the hut and they step on an apple, triggering the MC's "Bouncer" ability which allows him to flick the guys out of existence. After beating up these guys he levels up some more and becomes able to turn his Toolmaker shop into a "mobile cart" with wheels. Yeah. Previously he was stuck in the shop but now he can move since the shop can move. Go figure. MC and the saved princess and old man knight who admire MC announce their travel to this one empire and the story ends.


This only makes me want to read the Vending Machine isekai novel again since that one dealt with being an inanimate object much more satisfyingly than this one. This hardly counts as one anyway. <<less
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