A Story About High School Girls Who Might Fall In Love Again


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Eight years ago, a tall and cool girl with round eyes like a full moon, helped me when I was crying all alone. She was my special person, my first love. I still can’t forget the girl I used to look at the stars with in primary school. We’ll never see each other again, she lives just as a passing memory now.

But one day, I moved to a new dormitory, and the girl who was waiting for me in my new room was Yuuki, my first love from back then. She’s different from the way she used to be. She’s like a little animal, small in stature, and a bit eccentric. I’ve loved her forever. But, the excitement that i’ve felt when i met her again, is it love or is it something else?

This is a story about Kiritani Hinami, an ordinary high school girl who one day becomes the main character of her own story and then tries to redo her first love scenario.

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Joshikousei Doushi ga Mata Koiniochiru Kamo Shirenai Hanashi
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