A Story About Becoming a Houseplant and Watching Over a Yuri Couple’s Lovey-Dovey Life


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High school girl and yuri lover Ueda Hana unexpectedly dies one day. However, when she wakes up, she has turned into a houseplant in her sister’s room!

From elementary school to adulthood, she silently watches over her sister’s growth and love life from her flowerpot. A sometimes amusing and sometimes heart-wrenching yuri love story!

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
06/20/23 NanoMachin v1 afterword
06/20/23 NanoMachin v1 epilogue
06/19/23 NanoMachin v1c3 part2
06/19/23 NanoMachin v1c3 part1
06/18/23 NanoMachin v1c2 part2
06/17/23 NanoMachin v1c2 part1
06/15/23 NanoMachin v1c1
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