A Stepmother’s Marchen


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The iron widow, the spider widow, male hunter, the witch of Neuwanstein castle, the embarrassment of noble ladies…….

These were all the words used to describe the Marchioness, Shuri Van Neuwanstein. Despite receiving such criticism from the world, she raised her ‘children’, who were unrelated to her by blood and were old enough to be called her siblings. And finally, on the day of the first son Jeremy’s wedding, she felt that all her hard work had tied all the loose ends together.

But she had been terribly mistaken. After hearing the message requesting her to not attend the wedding, she got caught up in an accident and died while leaving the castle.

When she opened her eyes, she woke up on the day of her husband’s funeral, seven years ago. I refuse to suffer any more. I won’t live as I had in the past a second time!

Associated Names
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A Stepmother's Fairy Tale
A Stepmother's Marchen
The Fantasie of a Stepmother
어떤 계모님의 메르헨
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Skite rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: c56
Review is for the comic version, not novel.

The good:

    1. It feels very accurately European, which is pretty rare.
    2. Though it could have gone that way, it is ultimately not a "you should have been cuter/ nicer/ more feminine, and then you wouldn't have died!" story. I HATE those. Shuli, our MC, does better the second time around simply because she now has the calmness and efficiency which come with age and experience. I.e. She isn't a friggin 16 year old trying to balance tasks grown ups would have mental breakdowns over. It's nice because she is a rare rebirth MC who doesn't start behaving like a baby, but acts her actual mental age, and it doesn't feel like she's trying to "fix" things. She did a pretty good job the first time around. This time, she's mainly just better at her job and less worried, so she has more time to enjoy herself and notice others.
    3. Shuli isn't endlessly sweet, and neither are the kids eternally cute. They annoy the bejeezus out of each other, and fight, and disagree, and sometimes don't like each other. Just like real people. A+ on the complex characters.
    4. Despite having lived through things, Shuli doesn't have a mental calendar of every single detailed event that will happen, complete with plan on how to come out on top, unlike most rebirth heroines. Sure, there a few big ticket things she recalls, but she is largely going with the flow. Her small changes significantly alter her re-lived life, to the point where it's almost a completely new one. Which is nice, because that's how I imagine an actual rebirth would go, and find it silly when things don't change
    5. There's a lack of a protagonist halo. People react like normal people would react, not like someone dazzled by a protagonist. So there's no cheap and easy deus ex machina moments where everyone loves the MC and proclaims she's a genius. The side characters get to be real, fleshed out people, too, which is very nice.
The bad:

I have SIGNIFICANT issues with Johan, Shuli's dead husband, and the entire premise.

Shuli was 14 (!!) when she married a pushing 45+ Johan, and he's got 4 kids. The oldest of whom is only 2 years younger than Shuli! Shuli is only 16 when her husband dies and she's left in charge of everything. It is creepy and weird when Shuli is treated as an adult by the actual adults. It is creepy and weird when Shuli calls herself the kids' mother, and even weirder when they go along and believe it. Like, no one is saying it's bizarre and strange that she is their "mom", rather than her switching to a protective older sister type relationship.

I get that Johan gave Shuli a huge opportunity by marrying her and then training her as his successor, but ultimately, he used a child as a sacrificial meat shield for his own children, and the whole thing is just ick. He could have gotten a relative, or a steward, or something.

I find it helps me if I pretend, and think of Shuli as being about 30 years old (roughly her actual mental age) and then imagine Johan marrying her as an appropriately-adult woman in exchange for her promising to be their guardian after he dies. Makes the entire situation far more palatable.
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Mio2102 rated it
February 18, 2021
Status: --
I personally love this except for the fact if Johanan I just hate it that he is portrayed as a good person when in reality he was just a selfish dad who wanted the good of his children by using a 16 yr old against all life's hardships letting her suffer his childrens wrath while making it her responsibility to make sure his children grow up naturally like heck!!

Else I love the plot the characters
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lady-kyo rated it
December 2, 2020
Status: --
This work was very well written, the author managed to create a very realistic atmosphere of the nobility, unlike many other works of this genre, MC cannot do everything just because he is from an influential family without worrying about other people's options. I think it's amazing how the author dealt with the part of how the gossip of society can influence our lives and how MC, even though it worries about it, never let what other people think interfere with her children's upbringing. The evolution of MC is extremely... more>> realistic, about how the mistakes of her first life are caused by unexpectedness, since she was only 16 years old and how she was more capable in the second life because of the experiences she had. Nothing magically improves only because the MC has gone back in time, or everything is easily obeyed by the power of protagonism, the scenes are built with extreme realism, a reflection of noble society in Europe.
I believe that the main theme of this work is about how our parents influence us, and this influence is good and bad, how we develop a character and traumas by mistakes that our parents do not realize they have committed, since they themselves have difficult childhoods with severe parents. That said, Shuli is the best mother in the series, which says a lot, when she is just a 16-year-old teenager (23 years old if you count on regression), and yet, 23 years old is too young to be responsible for 4 children. <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
March 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel Absolutely Not Recommended to Read

I can sum up this whole novel in one dreary bloated sentence:

Useless mentally deficient perfect Mary Sue heavenly all-caring gentle pushover loser girl is reborn to the past after facing near death, and then works like a s*ave for a family that hates her simply because she's so perfect, selfless, kind, and s*upid. (Basically a better title would be: The brainless heroine chooses to be abused by her heartless family and ultimately is satisfied!)

People that rate it five stars enjoy watching the moronic MC... more>> suffer, which is pretty fun through to midway point. Ironically, MC is actually a horrible disgusting person for not ever honestly talking to anyone. There are at least 10 times in the novel where the MC could defuse conflict or ensure a better living condition for herself and those she cares about by ACTIVELY communicating any of her thoughts. She knows things would be better if she did so. She does not.

Misunderstandings in the novel? Not really. The children genuinely wanted to kill MC early on. MC is of course fine with this because she's so perfect and kind.

Honestly haven't quite seen a novel like this before, where the MC deserves every bit of suffering coming her way because she's the one endorsing her pain. This is a very harsh statement to make, but it's one reiterated throughout the whole novel. There's no behind the scenes trickery or even evil mental brainwashing. Nope! MC even knows that her situation is bad but chooses directly not to do so. Her entire reason for being upset at the start is not the countless troubles she had while acting as the heir to the wealth or managing the situation but just pouting that she didn't make it to a wedding in society. She's that shallow and forgiving. It's actually baffling since the MC likes to complain yet does nothing to avoid any of the troubles. She won't talk to others, won't use any of the countless riches she has available to improve anything, can't think of any plans, and basically just wants to relive her life again. It's impossible to understand how the MC could live two lifetimes and still not do anything right (except when plot armor actives and she's a perfect accountant, genius mother, and practically a human saint).

Author blatantly lies in the narration when they have MC say that she thinks her luck is bad. She enjoys every second of her miserable life =_=. This is a work of art in how bad it is.

-900Hextillion/10 A really horrible story with a really horrible MC and even more horrible scum family.

P.S. Worst story in quite a while, yet not depraved with constant s*xual assault or racism. No, this is more of a case of gentle MC being lazy and accepting a lifetime of pain. Very much hate it. It's shocking how many perfect 5 star review's this novel has gotten. The fact that the top review is for the manwha is baffling too. Guess people approve of this kind of story.

Sigh, novelupdates keeps reminding me I can't vote zero ;~; <<less
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Anurupa Roy
Anurupa Roy rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: --
An absolute master piece! I love it so much and it deserves 5 stars! I saw this manhwa and I had read the summary and I thought that this was gonna be another one of those rebirth mangas but boy I was wrong! The characters, plot and development was so good that it got me hooked.

I usually drop many isekais when they get boring or when I can predict what's gonna happen next and then the thing I predicted happens. But with this manhwa it was different and I knew... more>> that the moment I finished with 5 chaps of the it. Let's talk about the characters a little!

MC: Our MC is Shuli Von Neuschwanstein, 2nd Marchioness of the Neuschwanstein family. She was wed..... actually sold off to the Marquess Johaness Neuschwanstien by her mother at the mere age of 14. She was trained as the next marchioness by her husband so that when he dies then she can act as the temporary head and later secure her stepson Jeremy as the Marquess. Unfortunately Johaness died when Shuli was only 16, so she became the head at a very young age. To make sure that no harm came to the family she acted grown up and mature for her age and was later called the Iron blooded spider widow or the witch of Neuschwanstien. Unfortunately she too died when her stepson Jeremy was going to get married. Given a second chance she decides that she will live differently. Now this is how she develops. Her development is my favourite of all the characters! She doesn't have fully mapped plan of everything that's gonna happen in the future... thankfully like a normal person but she does have all the big events in her head. She goes with the flow and this time she lives as someone who won't think of others opinion of her. This time she doesn't panic like she used to and tries to stay calm most of the time. She's not shown as a miraculous genius who is loved by everyone like other heroines but her little steps make a big change and that is what I like to see. She thinks rationally and doesn't let her emotions get the best of her but she doesn't live like a cold person either and I like this balance. Tho not gonna lie it's weird how her step children call her mom

Jeremy: He is the oldest stepson of Shuli and I really like his character. He also wants to get pampered instead of being the mature kid he tried to be after his mother's death. He didn't like Shuli at first but he later knows how much his stepmother has suffered to raise them. He couldn't tell her his feelings in the past life because the knots were tied too tight. In the second life he likes Shuli because he can see how much she is suffering after all she is almost his age. He understands her more than anyone. I like how he lets go of his over mature self and just becomes another 14 year old. It's nice to see him acting his age.

Elias: He is Shuli's second step son and he's lowkey tsundere. He never mean to hurt Shuli but in the end he couldn't get his words across to her. He's scared because he used to believe that his mother's death was because of him but now he's more open and not mean but funny and super cute and sweet. All he needed was to open up.

Rachel and Leon: It's sad that we don't get much of these two's screen time but I really like them. These twins can't accept another mom. They believe she's fake because she didn't give birth to them and they can't believe how easily their mother was replace by another but as they open up they realise why their father bought her. She's not a bad person and that she's kind. She knows that she is just a step mom but she tried her best to raise them and just like the other two siblings they couldn't say anything because the knots were tied too tight but they really liked her and hated to say that they loved her even if it would br their last time together and they could never see each other again.

Theobald: The crown prince.... getting hella sus feelings from him and I don't like him a bit.

Nora: I simp him! I really hope he's the ML. Nora is the next heir of Duke Nürnberg. He's rebellious not because he's a teen but because no matter what he does his father dotes on the crown prince. His mother can't do anything but cry because of his rebelliousness. He want's to escape cuz everybody says that he's not suited to be the duke but Shuli believes in him and that gives him courage. I'm waiting for the time he will open up to his parents and when his father will tell him that he actually loves him. He fell in love with shuli in her last life and he loves her now also. Overall I love his character!

Cardinal: Sorry I couldn't remember his name but he's the cardinal at church.

He fell in love with Shuli at first sight in her last life.... If I'm right and then proceeded to kill her because he didn't want anyone to have her cuz he couldn't have her. I'm not sure if he loves her in this life also but I guess he does.

He's creepy AF. Don't like him at all.

The Characters are very nice and the development is super good. Those who said that the MC is s*upid for wanting to be with the Kids again after they hurt her I want to ask a question. Would you accept your father marrying another woman after your mother died? I can't believe that you would love her immediately. The shock that your mother died and this "New" mother has come.....I would feel the same as the siblings.I would not like her. She took place of my mother and this I know as one of my friends has a step mother and she feels the same way so please don't blame the siblings. I also agree with the people who say that the marriage between Shuli and Johaness is kinda messed up and I'm not trying to justify it either. That part didn't sit with me... especially the fact that he used a mere 16 year old girl to take responsibility of the family but I would like to say one good thing about Johaness is that he didn't try to make a move on her. He treated her like he would treat a daughter and not as a marriage partner. He never touched her nor did anything to make her uncomfortable. But the fact that he used still makes me sad.

Overall this story is super good! The politics is not too heavy but just enough to make the story really interesting! And as someone who has read many isekai and rebirth Manhwas this was the first one in which I cried. Isekai's and rebirth stories can get hella repetitive. This and "Ebony" are two historical stories where the charcters are strong and not overpowered. They use their brains and not the fact that everything is already known to them and all they need to do is approach it differently. It's a good read 10/10 would recommend.

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Infinite_V0id rated it
October 30, 2020
Status: v1c1
It's a masterpiece, damn those fools who rate it low, translate is a little bad, but I read manhwa and it was great, even though there is only prologue now, I learned some facts, that where not mentioned in manhwa.
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El Elyon
El Elyon rated it
December 7, 2022
Status: --
I can tell half of these people in the review section haven't even read the novel fully or has any brain cells to comprehend the story *cough*7starkiller9*cough

... more>>

First of all it may seem like Johan is being a kind and 'good guy' even though he married a 14 year old as a means to take care of his kids, BUT that's only because that's how Shuri remembers him. Her brain suppressed her abusive memories of him, which happens irl too if y'all didn't know. And some of you guys have this issue with her taking all the abuse, like what is a 14 year old gonna do? Especially in her society, what she gonna do? You want her to start recruiting random hot dudes into her Mary Sue army or maybe marry a king who just so happens to see her and propose to her like those other 1938838273728 stories. Or maybe do a contract marriage with a really powerful duke and all she can offer is a sweet deal of all of Johan's financial riches plus a bundle of kids so she can ride off into the sunset. Maybe you guys have been reading too much fantasy fiction that yall forget empathy existed too. Shuri cares about the kids and she empathizes with them. She understands they are kids and just lost their parents. Does that mean she likes being mistreated by them? No, but she isn't going to do the nearly the same thing to them because she had to mature faster than other kids her age and that is sad, it is part of her past and character, not her personality. I can't comprehend how people look at her and all she's been through and expect her to be their perfect perception of a protagonist. A "badass" woman that can just do whatever she wants with no consequences because it fits the genre. Shuri THINKS about her choices because she is not responsible for only herself. She knows that the whole estate and kids rely on her also, so she can't move freely and act childishly. And yes she is kind and due to the abuse/manipulation she experienced all her life, can't help but blame herself for all the bad things that came her way. If you don't think that children can grow up to be silenced and have low self esteem, you've never been abused or something is seriously wrong with your waterlogged brain and you need to think past your own self and ego. And even though she is more quiet about her problems she isn't whiny, she rarely complains about her situation, nor does she blame other people indiscriminately. She toughs through it and doesn't spend money like crazy because she is preserving it for Johan's kids. Literally she is trying to balance herself between not having so much power to threaten his kids' position and just enough to not be looked down upon. Shuri is not perfect and may not be your definition of strong, however she is doing her best throughout it all and will fight for her kids. If you're just looking for a light, fast-paced, romance, fantasy fiction, reread the genre and prologue buddy, you got the wrong novel *cough*7starkiller9*cough*

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Sutad Aatma
Sutad Aatma rated it
July 14, 2021
Status: --
Nothing I say can cover what the other reviewers have not said. Only one thing.

A lot of reviewers are cribbing about the age gap between Shuli and Jonathan. Might I add, considering the time era, this might have been uncommon but it is not weird. At least it is not like one of those weird CN novels that have a couple with 15 years of age difference in modern era and everyone pretending it is fine. Their relationship was platonic and he groomed her to be his proxy after his... more>> death because he knew that his own relatives are unreliable and he cannot marry a woman of his age because he cannot give her love and she could be greedy for his wealth, robbing his own children of inheritance. <<less
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l0513 rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: --
Im giving this story a solid 4. Four because tho its heartwarming it is also so heartbreaking.

I think her husband chose her because she looks like the dead empress. Some sort of revenge or play there for their circle (emperor, current empress and her husband’s circle).

Nonetheless, this story is excellently written. The story is good and it is somehow realistic except for the coming back part.

... more>> *spoiler* read the rest at your own risk.

All in all. Its good. If you want the type of story that will make you so sad. If you’re a masochist like me. Then this is your cup of tea. So many misunderstandings, so many screwed up parenting which resulted to screwed up children who fought their own way in life. And their only light? Our main lead who died feeling lonely. Which they all regret. Sad but realistic. As they said, you’ll only know importance once you lose it. <<less
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Asphyxia778 rated it
October 4, 2021
Status: c35
I've read the manhwa version and I absolutely adore it. Now I've started reading the novel version too.

As with most of the readers I'm really uncomfortable with how Johan used Shuli as a shield for his children when she was a child herself. Other than that I really like this because the characters actually act like humans and don't have perfect behaviour all the time.

Even Shuli after her rebirth doesn't have a protagonist halo because she makes mistakes and has her own worries. She also doesn't perfectly remember everything so... more>> she can only react according to the situation. She isn't a perfect MC. It's just that she has the maturity and calmness that helps her solve issues. Now that she's not struggling like in her previous life she finally starts to notice others and things she missed in her previous life.

The children too have personality. They are bratty, annoy each other and perform pranks. Which is actual behaviour of children. This is a joy for me because I'm tired of seeing super Robot like perfect children in novels.

Basically I highly recommend this novel. If possible the manhwa too because the artwork is gorgeous and the settings are highly accurate. (The world building is very accurate. The European esque vibe is used appropriately.)

Go read this! <<less
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Attackonfeelings rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: c1
Honestly I’ve only read the manhwa, BUT I know I’ll love the novel based off what I’ve already seen. I have never cried while reading a manhwa but when I tell you I was genuinely feeling my heart break for the FL I mean it. It’s such a good story and written beyond beautifully.

It’s definitely a tragedy, but it’s just so beautiful and I’m happy that at least if the characters in the story never truly saw the FL’s sufferings that the readers got to sympathize for her. The story... more>> had a lot of aspects, but for me it’s mainly about the love of a mother and how far she goes for the ones she loves and cares for. Absolutely beautiful story and I can’t say that enough. It was a lot of heartache but it’s one of those tragic stories where you want to read it and have a good cry. I’m not a fanatic of the titanic but I guess it’s something similar to the people who love watching it despite the story being so sad and tragic. <<less
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sophieeee rated it
March 17, 2023
Status: --
This novel does show a lot about mental health and how it was pretty normal back in the day for young girls to get married off to old men at such a young age, which is why many people didn't like this novel but honestly seeing her overcome her tragic past and being able see her kids actual feelings towards her finding a man she truly loves was truly satisfying. (The only one who was an ass imo was Elias)
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YourSisSugarBoy rated it
May 30, 2021
Status: c36
s*upid story. MC was mistreated in her early life by these devil puffs, but after going back in time, she just tried her best to earn their love. Mc's s*upidity gets on my nerves. If I were, I would leave those punks without suffering.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SomethingUser rated it
March 18, 2021
Status: Completed
I love this novel and the manhwa and sometimes I feel like this is one of the best novels ever that have a female protagonist as most Female MC novels are romance but I picked this up and read and couldn't stop because it was amazing and I know a lot of people will hate the character of Johann but the stuff that actually goes into the main character and other characters is phenomonal so if you are looking for a great novel and wanted to see what other people... more>> thought about this then you should read this you not gonna regret it <<less
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ayyk1205 rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: v61
I've just read the manhwa version of this novel, and I definitely could say that it is a masterpiece!! I cried a lot while reading the story eventhough I only read the manhwa, which means if I read the actual novel i’d be weeping in tears T.T it’s really good guys, yall will never regret to read this!!
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Bolovis rated it
May 13, 2022
Status: c63
This is good. Really good.

So good that I've gone read the spoilers after getting to the last TLed chapter.

So, the story is about a stepmother who is 2 years older than the eldest stepson (7 or so from the youngest) and the (obvious) problems that this entails. But there is a little twist.

She was their stepmother for 9 years and finally got to "see" the oldest inherit the title and have her work done. To that end, she put on a mask of the worst possible woman in society, a... more>> widow only focused on herself, that was controlling the marquisate she was married to after her husband died. She did so to protect the kids, the only way she could do so, being the focus of the attacks while she could defend those children and provide for them. But, in the end, this caused the relationship between them to get worse. What culminates in her being disinvited from the wedding by the groom, her own oldest stepson. Desolated she decides that it is finally time to retire and leave the marquisate for good on the morning of the wedding after all her work, protecting the child until adulthood, was finished and she can finally leave it to her stepson and quietly retire herself to not sully even more the family name.

And she wake up 7 years prior to those events, on the day of her husband's funeral. And with this new chance, she will try to at least not have a relationship that bad with the children.

So this is the basic setup for the MC. Add to that some interesting points, for example, the power dynamics of the empire, where the church controls part of the state as a heavy power that basically crowed the emperor, the aristocrats that maintain a parallel power as a status quo for the church. The ugliness of the high society that views her as a vain, weak, and s*upid little girl that now heads one of the most important pillars of the empire, the Neuwanstein family. Add to that some bastards that antagonize her (with an interesting description of some bad manipulators, by the way, that to me seems very well made). And you get the pleasure of seeing her get on top of all that, which is satisfactory, to say the least. That so still showing how hard she has it, and how human the character is in this sh*t situation.

The family dynamic will get you pissed off. This (f*cking) entitled and s*upid child deserved some slaps, one more so. But then you remember what sh*t situation they are in too, how they are anxious and scared after being put alone with a child, like then, someone that they barely know. The hard times where they develop together and learn with each other are totally different from the distant and sh*t situation of the first timeline.

TL, DR: it is good. A story of development and understanding, even with the bumps along the road. Would you not call this a family tale?

I will not spoil more, as so you must read to appreciate it. He injects a good dose of comedy to take some of the heaviness of it all. Just be ready to see some f*cked up dudes. Sh*t ungrateful bastards (not really but you will say that, I know it). Bad parenting. Worse husbandry. And much more. All of which give this novel a dense and interesting depth that is up to my tastes. What is funny is the fact that even with an overused gimmick, the time travel death MC that will fix it all, it did not get stale to me. I hope you like (be you reading the manwha where I started or the novel here).


As a spoiler, I would say that the original timeline parts are high up in my tastes. The brats dealing with the heaviness of what happened is my cup of tea (even knowing that they kind of do not deserve it), I like this type of thing. I wish it would have some more of that, showing how hard her death is on (basically) everyone and took the empire upside down. A death that, by the way, was such a f*cked up way to die and sad as f*ck, damn those sadistic writers.

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3.crying.3 rated it
December 20, 2021
Status: c75
A stepmother's märchen is the best!

As someone who likes angsty, dark and sad manhwa's/novel's with unexpected twist's, I loved it.

I love the emotional roller-coaster of manhwa it is, where you could be laughing your a** off in one chapter and bawling your eyes out in the next. I love the twists and turns it takes and how it goes from being so light hearted and comforting to dark and thrilling.

What I love about our MC/FL is that she is strong when she needs to be strong but is very fragile,... more>> she does everything to the best of her abilities even when she isn't complemented about it (sadly people fail to remember she is still a young, she never got the chance to grow up properly and is still healing, that's why I wish she lives happily!!). Has multiple side plots (romance, comedy) but is mainly focused on the family drama aspect that surrounds it

especially as we get to see more into Shuli's past.


I would definitely recommend!! <<less
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IlikeBread rated it
February 29, 2024
Status: c71
This story is a trully beautiful one and one of my absolute favourites! Shuri, the female lead and MC, is a tragic character done sooooo right. She suffered a lot (and I mean a lot!) in the story. She had to become the head of the Neuschwanstein family only at 16 because of her late husband's, marquess Neuschwanstein, will where he also wrote that she will stay in that position until his eldest child from his first marriage, Jeremy, will be of age and married.

In the first timeline she was... more>> completely alone in her situation as she didn't get along with the Neuschwanstein children and most of the noble society didn't like her. BUT the story follows her 2nd life (after her death at the hands of some bandits) when she regressed to 7 years ago to the moment when she was attending her late husband's funeral. Then we follow Shuri trying to get along with the kids since she's more mature and understanding towards them than in her 1st life (because back then she was trully just a 16 years old child who had to take care of only few years younger children) plus she is now able to handle their and her emotions and grief better.

This is an amazing story with and ABOUT complex relatioships (that get often missunderstood by readers which I find really annoying). I adore the bond that Shuri forms with the people around her through out the story. I beg you guys to read it, you definitely won't regret it!!! (This novel also has a manhwa adaption made by the artist Orka under the same name. There are few things different from the novel but nothing too big except one character (with whom I personally prefer the rote Orka takes with him) but I can't really say if there are going to be any more changes since it's still ongoing. The art is absolutely gorgeous though!!!) <<less
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AlienMysha rated it
January 18, 2023
Status: c96
Ok, 1st the plot was mostly nonsensical... like she is only a 16 years old kid but everyone, literally every one of them, expects her to do things that even an adult of 30s can't do properly and blames her for every lil mistakes but when the crown prince who is of the same age as her makes a mistake, everyone disperse it as a child's mistake... ok lets say, it's ok... but what about Johannes? he literally abused a kid who is only 14 or 15 years old... I... more>> knew it from the start that the way an old man bought and married a 14 years old kid, it was obvious he wasn’t a good person that the FL thinks of him... he is abusive and obsessive... he literally married the FL out of his own greed for the late queen.. and I’m guessing he didn’t sleep with the FL not cuz she was young or a good person or his promise to his late wife but because he didn’t want others to think bad of him and oppose him with this.. he wanted to wait for the FL to grow a lil more but died early than expected.. also when he was dying, never once did he care or want to see his own kids, even the youngest one.. his only concern was that FL might marry another man after he is gone so he gave all the damn resposibillities to a 16 years old FL and making her promise that she will look after the kids, so that she won’t have time to enjoy the luxury of falling in love and go to another man.. this man is literally a psycho.. because this is the FL’s point of view we didn’t know up until now that he is bad cuz FL thinks really highly of him.. I mean FL is literally a marionette that johannes created by torturing her with sophistication and false hope that he is actually helping her... and let's not say other things.. I think the most normal persion in this whole drama was Noah.. because he is the male lead I read it thus far but lost my interest now. <<less
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poogy rated it
April 21, 2022
Status: c63
I love it. What an amazing story.

The manhwa is a little ahead of this translation but the story so far has been amazing. I've reread the manhwa like 5 times I'm really obsessed. And this translation is really good! Thank you translators for your hard work.

Shuli is a really complex character I think. Not a Mary Sue by any means. Shuli is really focused and head strong I think.

It's very wholesome to see how the family develops and how they now include Shuli as their true family. They are all... more>> very complex, nothing is quite so simple in their relationships but the love is definitely there. They hold lots of loyalty to each other and it's very sweet to see.

This story isn't so methodological in the second life as it is in other stories. She is definitely guided by her previous experiences but it's more by her wisdom. I think it makes it more refreshing and more genuine. Her life now is significantly different to her previous life and it just makes you look forward to what is coming next.

It's not too much of an angsty read, nor too lighthearted. It delves into politics in a really interesting way and all the antagonists are really interesting.

I love the male lead. I love the entire family. All the relationships between them are amazing.

Looking forward to future chapters. Perhaps my top 3 reads. <<less
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