A Snake Entwining Flowers


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Content Warning: Some scenes in this work may contain violent or s*xual content. Please be warned before reading.

Charlotte Hegel heads to Mistymoor Hall after hearing the news that her mother is in critical condition.

There, she meets a man named Richard Kensington, the younger brother of the Earl of Kensington.

With his eerily handsome appearance and polite demeanor, Charlotte feels an instinctive sense of danger from him. He seems to change coldly at a moment’s notice. She tries to distance herself from him, but like prey caught in a snake’s grip, she finds herself increasingly unable to escape his clutches.


“Why are you trying to run away?”

Richard smirked as he looked down at Charlotte, who had instinctively recoiled. He looked like a hunter observing a cornered animal. There was a hint of pity and regret in his eyes, but it was overshadowed by a cruel glint.

“You’re going to run away?”

He scanned Charlotte’s trembling figure and announced,

“You won’t be able to escape.”

“Why not?”

“Because I won’t let you.”

He was determined to chase her to the ends of the earth if she even managed to escape. And then he would devour her slowly, from head to toe.

It wouldn’t matter if she begged, screamed, or prostrated herself before him.

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Snake-Entwined Flowers
꽃을 얽은 뱀
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