A Loner in the Shadows Becomes a Savior in the Apocalypse


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Yozaki Yayuki is a high school student who floats around in his class as a shady, blokey blob.

He is not only out of place, but completely out of the loop.

The only girl who sits next to him is Arisu Himemiya, one of the most beautiful girls in the school.

However, she already has a boyfriend who ranks first in the grade caste, so she is only a mere admirer.

In addition, her childhood friend, who she was close with until junior high school, has become estranged from her since she started going out with a guy who is a real man.

Yayuki lacks self-confidence and often curses at the sarcastic boys who show him around.

–Then one day, a turning point comes for him.

Suddenly, Yayuki is taken to the hospital due to a sudden illness.

A mysterious man puts him in a coma, and he wakes up a month later.

However, the world that once was has been transformed into an apocalyptic world of devastation.

Law and order have already collapsed, and the city is a biohazard, with zombie-like blue-skinned, deformed corpses stirring in the streets.

The main character, Yayuki, who has been oppressed until now, meets trustworthy friends, grows up surrounded by beautiful girls, and awakens as the “savior” of the apocalyptic world.

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Kines rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: c13
Kinda a meh story.

MC got immunity and cure but he is a wimp. He just follows the mercenary guy like a duckling and does nothing himself.

Just from how empty the protagonist is I would say this is not worth your time if you want a survival story, as the “survival” aspect is also subpar. Not vivid enough imo. I guess if you like really reallyy passive and pushover MC you would have a fun time with this one. Sorry if I come out harsh it is just my opinion.
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