A Hamster Beastman Falls in Love with an Elf


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In a country where strong beastmen are favored and weak beastmen are oppressed, a hamster beastman named Maru will be offered as a sacrifice to the elves together with other weak beastmen. This is about a hamster who doesn’t know the ways of the world and an elf who loves small and cute things.

The elf wants to cuddle with the hamster.
The hamster goes at her own pace.

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Date Group Release
05/23/22 Okubyou Desu c7
05/23/22 Okubyou Desu c6
05/12/22 Okubyou Desu c5
05/05/22 Okubyou Desu c4
05/05/22 Okubyou Desu c3
04/25/22 Okubyou Desu c2
04/26/22 Okubyou Desu c1
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